Reverie, Reverie, Reverie

Samantha also goes by the names 妤婷 (Yu Ting) and Reverie/Revvie/Revvy. Torn between her perfectionistic nature and her penchant for laziness, she veers wildly between being a workaholic and a full-time shirker. She has the patience of a raging bonobo and has had more than a few people informing her meekly that she reminds them of their female bosses. She wonders why inane tasks such as examining her split ends seem much more attractive than hitting the books.

She believes that if God exists, s/he doesn't hear our prayers. She is against organised religions, but adheres strictly to the Wiccan rede "An it harm none, do what thou wilt". She considers horoscopes to be a load of bullcrap, though she is so typically Leo. She listens to sappy love songs, but is a cynic at heart.

She considers Kim Sung Soo to be the hottest man to ever grace this Earth. She also believes that the existence of good men is akin to bacon taking flight.

She is impossibly addicted to chic lit. And makeup. Traits that are so very girly. She sometimes wishes she can Photoshop her face, print it out, and tack it over her real one. Make that all the time.

She loves techie, geeky thingamigs. Gadgets, MMORPGs, PHP scripts keep her occupied for eons. She is also a hopeless manga and anime addict and asks you to send recommendations her way. :)