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May 31st, 2002 Comments(13)

What web trends have you followed? Those that I'm still following are Megabook, weblog, webcams, 88 x31 buttons, blinkies, owning a domain and 404 pages. I find nothing wrong with trends as long as they don't start getting annoying. After all, even owning a website is a trend.

People who go out of their way to be different are kinda silly. "Everyone has this so I'm not going to have it!!!" You'll end up with nothing. o.O I have to admit though, websites with no original content bug me.

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  1. Jen @ May 31st, 2002

    I just got over livejournal and am into greymatter :p

    I used to blog, but found it to be too creepy all not on my server and stuff.

  2. Samantha @ May 31st, 2002

    I prefer Movable Type. Greymatter is just too buggy and take up way too much space. And all the rebuilding drives me crazy.

  3. Jasmin @ May 31st, 2002

    Hrm. Tagboards are silly, in my opinion. And putting a big "Hiatus" sign is quite unnecessary too. Just go! Leave a small note and that's it. :)

  4. pei @ May 31st, 2002

    O.o There's also the teen domain trend... :P

  5. Samantha @ May 31st, 2002

    I see no point in tagboards. Makes it easy for spammers to spam you. But hey! Whatever floats your boat!

  6. Tiffany @ May 31st, 2002

    i *almost* got a tagboard. but my online friend was too lazy to bother helping me, so i gave up.

  7. Lele @ May 31st, 2002

    hey do I qualify as a teen domain bc I turn 20 soon :P

  8. Samantha @ May 31st, 2002

    No idea. But why are people going "yucks" about teen domains?

  9. psyche @ May 31st, 2002

    What's wrong with having a blog only on your site? It's not as if blogs are all but crap outlets that lack content! ...are they?The article's slightly controversial, though.

  10. Samantha @ May 31st, 2002

    *Shrugs* It depends on what is actually on your weblog. For me, it is a crap outlet. The serious stuff goes elsewhere.

  11. Celine @ May 31st, 2002

    oooh, i follow trends, and don't forget those quizzes dude!!! hahaha, those are like, the latest thing, i still have my lovely livejournal, i'm gonna get greymatter for my site tho, ahahhaa, can you say trendy? i didn't realise there was a 31X88 button trend going on...ahhh, i'm so outta it...

    oooh i got a tagboard, actually, i find it the same as a guestbook, i was planning on a megabook, but i couldn't find a decent host offering cgi/etc, so uhhh, i just got a lil tagboard, versatile...hehe, and you can just delete the post if people do spam, it's quite convenient, as easy as delete email-spams...
    was that post too long? lol


  12. Samantha @ June 1st, 2002

    Doesn't tagboard require CGI or PHP too?

  13. Celine @ June 1st, 2002

    not if you use http://tag-board.com
    cheap i know :p lol...

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