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September 29th, 2009 Comments(7)

I've probably flown more miles just coming to Batesville, Indiana (Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Chicago -> Cincinnati) than I've ever flown before in my entire life. The flying was awfully boring. I just slept all the way. The layover at Frankfurt was 5 freaking hours at like 5AM in the morning. Talk about misery. And the flight from Frankfurt was full of vacationeers with kiddos who would not stop screaming.

Clearing the US customs was horrid. Seriously, who died and gave them permission to be so mean and snooty? I'm here on business. I'm not a criminal. And for grapefruit's sake, DO NOT comment on my choice of underwear!

And oh, United Airlines misplaced my luggage in a mere 2-hour flight. How freaking amazing is that? I was up every hour last night, harrassing their call centre in Philippines. I only got my luggage at 5am today. I was half afraid I would have to turn up for work in jeans and sneakers.

My first day of work was awesome. So I got really, really sleepy when it was approaching 2PM, but it wasn't too bad. The people here are absolutely wonderful and it was lots of fun. Though I should probably lay off the beer till the weekend. I hope I don't have too much trouble getting up tomorrow.

My totally awesome bed for the week. Big, soft and fluffy with loads of pillows. All mine!

The area in front of the mirror, with all my makeup and stuff.

The TV kept switching on by itself. Absolutely annoying.

Yay! 3-panel mirror!

Bathtub. Should try a bubble bath some time. My nose runs faster than the shower.

Reading area (so I call it, even though there's no time to read) with my luggage resting safe and sound beside it. I missed it so much, seeing as I had to sleep in my jeans last night.

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  1. Fiona @ September 29th, 2009

    Awesome room!

  2. Brenda @ September 29th, 2009

    "And for grapefruit's sake, DO NOT comment on my choice of underwear!"


    The first thing that came to my mind was, how on earth did they manage to sneak a peek at your underwear. And USA is notoriously known for their rude customs. (Best customs I've seen so far still comes from Perth, Australia!)

  3. Priscilla @ September 29th, 2009

    Sounds sooo fun! I'm a tad jealous! Have more fun please!!! Take more pictures OUTSIDE YOUR ROOM!

  4. reverie @ September 29th, 2009

    Brenda: Er... Cos I packed underwear in my luggage too? :P

    Priscilla: There's nothing to see outside my room. :P

  5. Will @ September 29th, 2009

    Wow, sounds like quite an adventure you had there thus far!

    RE: The tv. Why don't you just pull the plug out if it's turning on randomly?

  6. Tiago @ September 30th, 2009

    Take more pictures OUTSIDE YOUR ROOM! [2]
    Wellcome to this hemisphere! Have fun and have a beer!

  7. reverie @ September 30th, 2009

    Will: Cos I wanna watch TV sometimes.

    Tiago: Okay. Too much beer. ;)

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