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September 11th, 2009 Comments(1)

I got my laptop back from fuqn Acer and the screen is brand new and gorgeous! They probably hexed my computer though, seeing as I made them do something that apparently wasn't covered under warranty for free. Even though my laptop kinda sucks, I really, really missed it!

Came back and gave Trillian a go and I'm really liking it! I used it years ago and it was really buggy, but so far it's been working perfectly for me. Other than having to rename all my contacts again, that is. And the interface is so very pretty and non-annoying, which is more than I can say for vanilla MSN. I can use MSN and GoogleTalk on it without having to open separate clients, and it works for Facebook updates too! I haven't tried Skype on it, but it's already awesome.

Am going to flash (change the firmware to the European version) my Samsung Jet soon. Hopefully it will be less useless after that. I hope I won't brick it!

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  1. karl @ September 12th, 2009

    Wow,that is a nice trillian layout you have there :)

    Like the cute little grim reaper avatar :p

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