Bloody Gorgeous Jewelry

September 26th, 2008 Comments(3)

I love jewelry. It makes my heart race. :) The other day my aunt was just telling me I should use the last of the growth dividends that government is cashing into my bank to get myself some diamond earrings or pendant. Riiight. I'm so gonna find those at below S$225 at the next corner I turn.

At 8:45AM, I found myself at this website that just screams "Online Jewelry Store". And they have Diamond Stud Earrings for as low as $54.99. I must be hallucinating at this hour in the morning. I mean, they even have blue diamonds.

They look so pretty!

This website is incredibly easy to browse. You can search for the jewelry you want based on the precious metal or gem you are looking for. You can also search by price (important feature for the permanently broke like me)! And of course, if you're looking specifically for a certain jewelry, you can search by type. They have featured collections as well. Some of them caught my eye: Rings that Bling (Mmm, I like that!), and Birthstone Shop.

I love this aquamarine ring with diamonds. In white gold! Uber gorgeous! <3 It's 99 bucks!

Would you look at those Sapphire Earrings? The colour combination is simply stunning! I didn't know pink sapphires looked so good.

My Jewelry Box is offering free Fedex shipping for orders over $150. You get free gift packaging in gorgeous red jewelry boxes with white ribbons. They even have a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Only, they don't bloody ship outside of USA and Canada. *Mutters*

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3 Comments so far

  1. Elaine @ October 10th, 2008

    Not fair! That aquamarine ring is a total steal at USD99!

  2. reverie @ October 10th, 2008

    Isn't it prettyyyy?

  3. ed @ December 17th, 2008

    Why have I never seen blue diamonds before?? O.o They look amazing though :D I'll keep this site in mind for future presents for my gf... :D

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