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August 15th, 2008 Comments(1)

I have the sweetest friends in the whole wide world! Yes, they pwn yours. Unless of course, we share the same ones. Just look at my birthday loot.

Jess: Was horrified I was using some Silkygirl blush with a broken lid. She gifted me with a limited edition MAC blush from the Sonic Chic collection - Nuance.

I can't get a decent photo of it. And obviously when you have the patience of a raging bonobo, you wouldn't wait to take a decent picture of anything new you get before you actually use it. Hence, forgive those specks of powder that seem to have gotten stuck on the lid. Now, MAC products are usually so underwhelming for me. I never quite got the cult-like hype surrounding it. But this is uber pretty! My first peachy blush too!

It came bubble wrapped and then wrapped again like a bomb. :P

I love that girl. And not just because she bought me a pretty blush. Also because she made me chamomile herb packs (not for sale!) and amazing blends for my eczema, and oh, she gave me a pair of fake eyelashes to boot. Kidding. :P I love her only because she's the best bitching MSN buddy ever. She's turning me into some new-agey weirdo with her 'organic' ways!

Tiago: This sexy Brazilian is a man after my own heart. :P Another gift certificate!

I bought this with his last gift certificate. And I just realised I never got around to showing a pic of me wearing it. Oh well, one of these days I'll get around to doing some camwhoring. (Fuqn Jme has the same shirt. :P Please remind me to never wear it when I'm going to be meeting him, in case he is wearing it too!)

These are the tops that I totally want:

I would've bought this in a heartbeat. Except it's out of stock. All the sizes are.

And I want this. Goes to show you never stop being a WoW fanatic, even after you've stopped WoWing.

My Girls: Bought me hot pink earphones to match my pink (decal'ed) iPod. And a beautiful bag from Korea in the most gorgeous shade of baby pink with gold clasps and zips. It's supposedly Miu Miu-inspired. But I wouldn't know the difference anyway, not being interested in branded bags at all. It's really well-made and now I carry it everywhere.


Who said money can't buy happiness? Temporary happiness, that is. I love the feeling of receiving a fat package in the mail. And so recently, I've bought:

Fake eyelashes: Possibly one of my greatest addictions ever.

#442 from Girl Lashes. Fab service. Quality products.

Ardell Wild Lash Beautiful. These are really pretty and not really dramatic. I love them to death. That's why I bought another 3 on my last order!

Coloured contacts: The wonders of the Internet. Now I can find coloured contacts in my prescription that don't cost me 500 buckaroos!

The contacts don't show because my dad took my digital camera and I had to settle for the lousy phone camera. But they're a dark blue-grey. And I'm wearing lash #442. :)

Oversized sunglasses: Isn't it pretty? For only 10 buckaroos! And I got the case for like 8 bucks on an online spree.

Eyebrow trimming package: 6 sessions for $58 at Easy Perfect. Because good brows are important. That stupid Clementi threading place was giving me injuries aplenty and inconsistent shapes. Ughhh!

Okay, I shall stop logging my purchases for now. Else I'd probably get a heart attack seeing how much I spent.

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    nice skin!

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