June 29th, 2004 Comments(4)


The hour of blackout was terrible. I was sweating like a pig. A blind pig. I needed to change my tampon and it wasn't pleasant trying when I could see nothing.

*Grumbles* The power just came back.

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  1. Brenda @ June 29th, 2004

    Haha... many of my friends are also SMSing me and complaining about the blackout. Luckily my area wasn't affected. *Sighs of relief* But I am sitting in front of the computer with a torchlight next to me just in case. :P

  2. evie @ June 30th, 2004

    too much info revvy. *points at tampon* =p

  3. Eliza @ June 30th, 2004

    *echos evie* Yup, TMI. O.o

  4. reverie @ June 30th, 2004

    That's your problem. :P

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