June 24th, 2004 Comments(15)

I got 6 more Gmail invites this morning. Gave out one. But seems like nobody's clamouring for an invite anymore. :P

Who wants an invite?

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  1. alex @ June 24th, 2004


    I've following your blog for a while. Am interested in your invite.

    Can spare one for me?


  2. reverie @ June 24th, 2004

    Righty. I just gave you an invite. :) You should comment more. ;)

  3. bAllyhOos @ June 24th, 2004

    lol. still got leftovers? gimme lo. :x

  4. reverie @ June 24th, 2004

    Don't be greedy.

  5. reverie @ June 25th, 2004

    Alex: The invite bounced.

  6. alex @ June 25th, 2004

    Hi there,

    thanks for the invite!!

    Sorry the invite bounced...

    Lets try my work email. now you know where I work!!

    If you check out our website, you'll know what I do too...


  7. jade @ June 26th, 2004

    how in the world did you get 6 invites? means you got 2 g mail accounts...

  8. reverie @ June 26th, 2004

    Nah. They gave me 6 invites at one go!

  9. jade @ June 27th, 2004

    how. in the world...i thought it was only 3 for one!

  10. reverie @ June 27th, 2004

    Nope. As long as you give out the invites, you'll get more.

  11. blue @ June 27th, 2004

    Hi! I have been following your blog for a few years...Been silent all these while though. [shy] Hehe.

    Well...May I have an invite if you could spare one? Thanks in advance. =)

  12. reverie @ June 27th, 2004

    Hey, sent you one. Hope you comment more often. :P

    Edit: The invite bounced. Any other address I can send it to?

  13. josh @ June 29th, 2004

    Pretty please, can I have one? :)

  14. reverie @ June 29th, 2004

    Hi. Will give you one once I get more invites. I just ran out.

  15. blue @ June 30th, 2004

    Oops! I just cleared my mailbox. Hope it works...

    Take your time about the invites since you've ran out, hehe...Thanks once again!

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