My Secret Ambition

June 23rd, 2004 Comments(1)

It's been only a day and I miss my brother already. Well, since my grandmother called on me to cook rice anyway.

I cannot cook to save my life.

I've always told everyone that my ambition is to be a rich man's wife. Spas, shopping, and high tea everyday. That sorta thing. But I was just joking. I don't think I could handle being idle for the rest of my life.

My secret ambition is to be a purposeful career woman. I kid you not. :P I want a house husband waiting for me at home with a warm meal. If all the men are doing it, it must be nice. I do not ever want to lay my fingers on household chores! Ugh!

(Yeah, like I'll ever get married after any of my potential husbands read this entry. :P)

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