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Reverie @ Work

September 29th, 2009 Comments(7)

I've probably flown more miles just coming to Batesville, Indiana (Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Chicago -> Cincinnati) than I've ever flown before in my entire life. The flying was awfully boring. I just slept all the way. The layover at Frankfurt was 5 freaking hours at like 5AM in the morning. Talk about misery. And the flight from Frankfurt was full of vacationeers with kiddos who would not stop screaming.

Clearing the US customs was horrid. Seriously, who died and gave them permission to be so mean and snooty? I'm here on business. I'm not a criminal. And for grapefruit's sake, DO NOT comment on my choice of underwear!

And oh, United Airlines misplaced my luggage in a mere 2-hour flight. How freaking amazing is that? I was up every hour last night, harrassing their call centre in Philippines. I only got my luggage at 5am today. I was half afraid I would have to turn up for work in jeans and sneakers.

My first day of work was awesome. So I got really, really sleepy when it was approaching 2PM, but it wasn't too bad. The people here are absolutely wonderful and it was lots of fun. Though I should probably lay off the beer till the weekend. I hope I don't have too much trouble getting up tomorrow.

My totally awesome bed for the week. Big, soft and fluffy with loads of pillows. All mine!

The area in front of the mirror, with all my makeup and stuff.

The TV kept switching on by itself. Absolutely annoying.

Yay! 3-panel mirror!

Bathtub. Should try a bubble bath some time. My nose runs faster than the shower.

Reading area (so I call it, even though there's no time to read) with my luggage resting safe and sound beside it. I missed it so much, seeing as I had to sleep in my jeans last night.

Blogging On the Phone

September 12th, 2009 Comments(0)

The Wireless@SG reception in Bishan's McDonald's rocks!

Fiddling With The Phone

September 12th, 2009 Comments(4)

I nearly thought I bricked my phone last night trying to flash it to the European firmware. It was blank and wouldn't switch on or reset. Until I realised that it was still hot after half an hour, so I took out the battery and flashed it again. It didn't help that the guide was pretty awful, with wrong instructions and huge gaping information gaps that a noob like me couldn't fill the first time around. (Not that I'm not grateful that someone actually took the time to do this, but it could've been done better.)

The European firmware was so not worth my time. Not a lot of improvements, and it had a lot of formatting I wasn't used to. Flashed back to an update of the Asian firmware (which, btw, isn't even available via the Samsung's PC Studio, the eejits). So I got my Chinese language back and some bug fixes. Yay!

I still want an Android phone. Where's the Samsung Galaxy? The lite version is already leaked all over the Net in its revolting lime green glory.

Gross. What is that monstrosity? No lite version for me if that's what it looks like. I want the Samsung Galaxy to be in Singapore now!

A Bit of Geekery

September 11th, 2009 Comments(1)

I got my laptop back from fuqn Acer and the screen is brand new and gorgeous! They probably hexed my computer though, seeing as I made them do something that apparently wasn't covered under warranty for free. Even though my laptop kinda sucks, I really, really missed it!

Came back and gave Trillian a go and I'm really liking it! I used it years ago and it was really buggy, but so far it's been working perfectly for me. Other than having to rename all my contacts again, that is. And the interface is so very pretty and non-annoying, which is more than I can say for vanilla MSN. I can use MSN and GoogleTalk on it without having to open separate clients, and it works for Facebook updates too! I haven't tried Skype on it, but it's already awesome.

Am going to flash (change the firmware to the European version) my Samsung Jet soon. Hopefully it will be less useless after that. I hope I won't brick it!

Some Life Updates

September 08th, 2009 Comments(0)

So little has happened since I graduated and I can feel my brain turn to mush. I gave gaming a rest and am mainly using my DS Lite as an e-book reader until Scribblenauts gets released. My beloved DS functions awesome as an e-book reader! I can carry a ton of books around now without looking like a walking library!

My brother got his foot badly smashed up from falling into a ditch (or so he claims). He just had surgery and I can't go anywhere and leave him alone because he's temporarily crippled.

I got a Samsung Jet for my birthday. The phone is well-made (except for the software) and the screen is just so gorgeous. But I'm already bored of it because I can't even install any programmes on it. I want the Samsung Galaxy, dammit! Jacob says I have G.A.S. But I really think android phones are the way to go seeing as Google is slated for world domination extensive reach.

I've been watching House, M.D. right from season 1 and it's so addictive, I'm watching it everywhere I go on my Samsung Jet.

My laptop has been with Acer for weeks and when I went to collect it today, the screen was jaundiced! They tried to push all responsibility away saying it's simply wear and tear but I would have none of it. So it's still in the service centre and I really miss it.

I start work on the 28th this month in Batesville, Indiana. I will really miss my holidays! (I'll only be there for 2 weeks. Nobody will even notice I'm gone.)

New Stuff... And Stuff

September 07th, 2009 Comments(3)

All my protected entries are unviewable because I upgraded WordPress and finally had to let go of Disclose-Secret. :'( Blame this guy. He was freaking me out about security attacks and whatnot.

The existing plugins that are supported by this current version of WP pretty much suck so I can't yet be arsed to reassign permissions to the 200ish(!) protected entries. If you have access permissions, you can still view new locked entries (if I post any).

Hoo boy, it's been so long (has it been years?) since I've upgraded WordPress. I've quite forgotten what a pain in the ass it can be.

Oh yes, new layout cos I know you're totally sick of the previous one. :)