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My New Babies

May 18th, 2009 Comments(4)

Just in! Check out my newest beautiful babies!

The Nintendo DS Lite in Ice Blue being the main focus, of course. I gave up resisting and telling myself I didn't need it, and just got it. Am I going to cover every square inch of it with gaudy rhinestones? No fucking way. It is just gorgeous the way it is.

I ordered the new Coastal Scents Smacks as well. In Pep Pink, Carlotta, and Near Peach. <3

Thursday's Vainpotty Happenings

May 01st, 2009 Comments(0)

Went over to Melissa's yesterday, dragged her out to Arab Street area, for the sole purpose of visiting this place called Jamal Kazura Aromatics. It's at 21 Bussorah Street. That place is absolutely divine! I loved it. It has jars and jars of oil fragrances, and some are even dupes of designer fragrances (Chanel, DKNY, Calvin Klein, etc). And even really gorgeous, exquisitely hand blown glass bottles imported from Egypt.

Photo courtesy of Mickie-blog:

I'm beyond excited because... You know how ridiculously expensive fragrances are. I have serious issues parting with my moolah for a bit of fragrance and a whole lot of alcohol (which makes the perfumes smell... bad). And these are all alcohol-free! Not only that, the service was excellent. The man occasionally points you to certain fragrances, but never ever pushes. He patiently waits at the side for you to choose your fragrances, and serves you with a flourish even if you're not a big spender. And that's more than what I can say for departmental stores' sales assistants, who make you feel guilty for even daring to glance at the precious designer bottles.

So I got the 5ml version of 4 different scents, and only spent $20 ($5 each). Complete bargain for testing fragrances!


I did my own nails cos of all those goodies Jess gave me. They look blah. I'm no artist, I suppose.

With OPI Nail Lacquer in Fruitti Tutti Tonga and Canmake Nail Glitter in 03:

With The Face Shop Nail Colour in PK103 and stickers: