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Ken Lee

March 10th, 2008 Comments(2)

I just have to post this cos I can't stop laughing.

My Main Obsession and Other Loot

March 08th, 2008 Comments(7)

I have a confession to make. I am hopelessly addicted to false eyelashes. Especially the purchasing bit. I have practically made it a hobby. I wear them almost everyday and some people are none the wiser (of course, those are typically men). They make my eyes look bigger, even out my uneven eyes, and take less time than mascara. What's there not to like?

Okay, maybe the part where I take them off and have to clean the glue bits. But that's really a small price to pay.

Some of my fake eyelashes. If I stacked them all up, we could at least have Bukit Timah Hill.

To date, I have 47 pairs of false eyelashes, not including those I have used and thrown away or stupidly ruined, of course.

10 pairs of Ardell Invisiband Fairies
14 pairs of Patty Wang Princess 7 Black
10 pairs of Patty Wang #902
1 pair of Ardell Wild Lash Beautiful
4 pairs of natural lashes from some Taiwan spree
4 pairs of Patty Wang #101
1 pair of Dodo Club criss-cross lashes with sparkles (No clue what code it is)
1 pair of Ardell Invisiband Babies (Ugly, don't get it)
1 pair of Patty Wang Princess 8 Black
1 pair of Patty Wang #715

Melissa said if I buy anymore false eyelashes, she will pull my ear. And yet she's asking me to get her Ardell Wild Lash Beautiful. (Of course, it is so gorgeous.)

* * * * *

On a similar note, I came home to loads of packages, mostly my purchases and some random stuff from Hazel (that evil woman is out to tempt me into buying more stuff).

- Helichrysum hydrosol (purchase)
- Rhassoul clay (free gift!)
- Some weird thing Hazel blended for skin renewal :P
- Some more fake eyelashes because Hazel was feeling generous

And this week, I have ordered:

- A little vial of Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet
- A tube of Coogi Flowertox 3 Action Super BB Cream
- A sample of BRTC BB Cream
- Another cute little pair of earrings from Jinling

Someone needs to curb my spending because apparently I can't do it myself.