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CNY Updates

February 13th, 2008 Comments(0)

My Chinese New Year was okay. Boring, actually. Cut down on the usual visiting because my Grandma said so. Went to my Dad's class gathering on the 3rd day and got comments like, "Whose daughter is this?!" because I'm like at least 10 years older than all his ex-classmates' kiddos.

Watched Ah Long Pte Ltd too. It's not that great. Just Follow Law was a lot better (and that's not saying much). Babes, you should totally watch it for this delectable creature called Daniel Tan:

Isn't he yummy? Guys, give it a miss. Unless, of course, you like men.

[edit] Quote of the day:

Pei says (9:39 AM):
he is so cute
Pei says (9:39 AM):
sooooooo cute