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Too Much Shopping

January 27th, 2008 Comments(5)

Last week, I came home to a computer that wouldn't power up. Jamie fixed it for a treat at Mos Burger, and 'loaned' me his power supply and another 512MB RAM to boot! And so, I decided to spend the money (that would otherwise have gone into replacing my lightning-fried power supply) shopping! Who said shopping isn't a sport? Traipsing around town in high heels and shopping bags is no easy feat. My haul today:

My LBD. Simply because I didn't have one. $28! Complete bargain! (Was trying to stand properly, Yamin commented I looked bowlegged or something in the other pic.)

Emilyn declared this handbag "So Samantha". $28. Just had to have it!

Pleated skirt from Blossomz, $21ish after the 40% discount. Cousins working in retail rock.

I have no idea what this thing is called. It's a solar-powered frog that sways its head from side to side. I thought it would be perfect for the counter of my Dad's shop (cos the logo is a frog). Almost $10. It's completely adorable.

Spent the morning (Huh? Saturdays have mornings?) watching things and people getting blown up in Rambo 4. For free. :P Courtesy of Ridzuan.

Careening Towards Spinsterhood

January 18th, 2008 Comments(2)

I woke up to 10 e-mails from this morning. And I thought someone was playing a prank on me by signing me up to a freaking matchmaking site so I was completely livid. I'm enjoying my current stalker-free status right now, thank you very much.

Well, I logged in with the password that was sent to me and found out that it costs over 50 USD to have your pathetic single status advertised to the ugly mouldy oldies in the site. Nobody would spend that to play a prank on me. Besides, that profile isn't mine. Either the woman is retarded, or she entered the wrong address. Which did not bother to verify.



January 14th, 2008 Comments(0)

I need something to cure my absentmindedness. I keep forgetting little things and remembering them 10 minutes later and having to run all the way back from wherever I was to get them. Just today I realise I've forgotten:

1. My glasses (took the LRT all the way back home to get them)
2. Pillowcase (poor naked pillow)
3. Teaspoon (getting it over the weekend)
4. My EZ-link card, just as I was about to get on the shuttle to buy snacks and other knick knacks.

Well, I gave up going to Clementi central to get stuff because it is now raining. And I'm pissed cos my room is really dark with only one puny light source from my bed. The management office ran out of table lamps to loan. *Growls*