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Serious Retail Therapy

December 19th, 2007 Comments(7)

I've been feeling under the weather of late, because nothing seems to be going right. Well, nothing like some retail therapy to fix it. My haul today:

Empire waistline dress from Blossomz with a freaking 40% discount because of my dear cousin. :) And oh, a bra and panty set that is soooo sweet I just had to buy it. $16.90. No visuals. :P

Chermaine butterly earrings by Jinling. Customised for me with purple flower, with the right side shortened.

Jinling's Princess Lovely Jean necklace, customised for me as well. :)

I requested matching earrings for that necklace. Jinling is really incredibly talented. And I'm really jealous.

I also placed a reservation for the pair of earrings I lost. Total expenditure: Too much.

Lost My Jewelry

December 09th, 2007 Comments(1)

I'm so upset and pissed with myself. I forgot the pouch with my favourite earrings and necklace when I moved out of my dorm room. And now the housekeeping supposedly can't find it. Told me they found a black wallet with a Vietnamese boy's ID in one of my drawers. How is that possible? I've opened every drawer before and I've never seen said wallet.

Argh. Either they went to the wrong room (they swear they haven't) or the cleaners took my jewelry and tried to fob me off with the Vietnamese boy's wallet or something. (Why? They aren't expensive and probably don't suit them. Wearing someone else's earrings is just gross.)

The Auntie In Me

December 05th, 2007 Comments(0)

I trooped over to Chinatown to get all the stuff I usually use. In a larger quantity. Total savings: Almost 100 buckaroos!