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I Lost Weight

November 29th, 2007 Comments(3)

I take back all the whining about gaining 5kg. My size 25 hipster jeans are hanging really low on my hips now. I just want my jeans to fit properly, dammit. :(

Some weirdo girl came up to me after the exam and told me, "I'm happy." :P

Actually, she said, "I'm Hapie." Though of course I was thinking of the former. I think I stared at her like o.O for about 5 seconds. ;)


November 29th, 2007 Comments(0)

I've been up since 5 AM and am on my second mug of coffee. My eyes are looking unbelievably small. My mind has plenty of jumbled up information that probably has no hope of being reassembled into coherent answers later. I have a stomachache. I haven't finished my readings.

I need to get my brows tortured after the Econs exam later. And then I need to pack up my junk and head for home.

It's been a crap semester. Long day ahead.

On another note, my skin is looking the best it has ever looked this entire year. When everyone is having exam breakouts. There is possibly something quite wrong with this. Not that I'm complaining.

Computing Exam

November 26th, 2007 Comments(2)

I am an idiot. I am a complete utter fool.

I've been coding HTML since I was 12. TWELVE! And I forgot how to code a frameset. <div>'s have ruined me. How could I? HOW COULD I?

I haven't slept a wink at all last night. I essentially wasted 7.5 hours tossing and turning because the weather was too fuqn sweltering even with 2 fans at full blast.


The Beauty Brains

November 25th, 2007 Comments(2)

The Beauty Brains is a wonderful read for anyone remotely concerned about what they're slathering on their own bodies. I can't say I agree with everything that's on that site, but it does teach you how to be a more discerning consumer. It also busts some serious myths as well as unscrupulous marketing. I'm familiar with angel dusting, even though I didn't know this marketing gimmick had a name. No, sodium lauryl sulfate doesn't give you cancer. No, mineral oil doesn't clog your pores. No, 'natural' products aren't necessarily better for your skin, and chemicals aren't synonymous with toxicity. (If I wanted natural products, I would make them in my own kitchen.)

Of course, if you have loads of money to throw around, and you feel good using gimmicky products that promise you the moon and some clouds, and Chang'e as a gift-with-purchase, by all means do so. A large part of the consumer experience is really more psychological than anything else. Alternatively, you could always donate the extra to poor ol' reverie and she'll convince you that the $7.90 moisturiser works as well as that $200 one (and that you don't need Chang'e to upstage you).

Finance Exam Prep

November 25th, 2007 Comments(4)

Either sides of my cheatsheet for Finance exam on Tuesday. Methinks after squinting at it throughout the exam, my eyesight will be completely destroyed. Typing it was a torture.

Odex Pwned II

November 22nd, 2007 Comments(0)

The Odex website got hax0red and replaced with a notice that's all baby pink and lavender today. :P The server is now apparently down. *Giggles*

[edit]Some sources cited that the server didn't get compromised, the domain name did. *Shrugs* Either way, it's hacked.

Odex Chronicles updated.

It's Been Too Long

November 15th, 2007 Comments(1)

The Odex vs PacNet case is back on. Tomorrow.

Mineral Oil and Skin Care

November 14th, 2007 Comments(3)

I've always found the hype about the harmful effect of mineral oil to be suspicious, and perpetuated by cosmetics companies. How harmful can it be when it's in products for infants?

I'm still convinced I'm right. Don't underestimate the power of marketing.

Now what about the harmful effects of alcohol in skin care? I'm sceptical as well.

Undereye Circles Are Teh Suck!!111

November 09th, 2007 Comments(2)

Sometimes I think my undereye circles + eyebags can survive a nuclear attack.

Lashes That Freak Aliens Out

November 08th, 2007 Comments(0)

I was not aware that mascara ads that use false lashes are against any sort of advertising standards. I've always thought that they were all fake. (What?! You mean they're supposed to be real? They grow on TV!) Anyway, that prompted me to search for said mascara ad. I found it, and a totally hilarious parody on it as well.

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