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The Anime War

June 06th, 2007 Comments(3)

This whole backlash on Odex, the company that licenses and releases anime in Singapore, is extremely enjoyable. Read the letters of sarcasm here, here, and here.

Honestly, how can a company be so stupid? Producing lousy-ass VCDs of popular anime is bad enough. But to offend its customer base? Way to go! It doesn't take a Philip Kotler to figure out that sales revenue will not increase by threatening your customer base with lawsuits. The general public doesn't need anime to survive, but Odex does.

Or maybe Odex just intended to sue the hell out of the consumers to recoup their losses and hightail out of market.

Buy stuff from Odex? No thanks. Me, I'll live without anime.

[edit]And look, Odex has already been warned that their company will go to hell if they create this whole legal commotion. And they still went ahead with it. I have not the words. Idiotic doesn't even begin to describe Odex.

Another Imbecile

June 03rd, 2007 Comments(11)

This dude messages me every single time I log on to MSN (even if it's just a reconnect) saying, "I hope you're okay." Why wouldn't I be bloody okay? Just because I don't honour you with a reply on MSN does not mean I have done a Susan Mayer and fallen off the face of the Earth while my messenger desperately connects and reconnects without its owner's direction. It simply means that I have no wish to converse with you, geddit? *Blocked*

What is it with boys?

I Should Be So Lucky

June 03rd, 2007 Comments(0)

Two aphthous ulcers on the tongue and a sore throat. Sounds like a diet of herbal tea and Medijel for the next couple of days. I've been showing said ulcers to my brother, à la Jade.