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Uni, Uni, Uni

March 30th, 2006 Comments(7)

Reverie is going to the National University of Singapore to study Business Administration. :)

[edit]Okay, I am still going for SMU's interview because my ex-lecturer convinced me that I have nothing to lose, and I should just go there for experience.


March 21st, 2006 Comments(3)

TP Grad Wins Star Idol
TP graduate Bryan Wong is Singapore's first Star Idol! Last Sunday's competition saw a close fight between Bryan and Leo Lam, the other finalist who is also a TP graduate. Star idol is an acting talent quest organised by MediaCorp.

I saw this on Temasek Polytechnic's homepage. Can you even begin to explain how pathetic that is? Those dude graduated eons ago and TP certainly didn't help them in the competition any. But the school simply deemed it fit to bask in their glory.

And the most pathetic bit of all? Those 2 dudes can't even act. There's seriously a problem when the "Superstars" (contestants from another stupid singing competition) can act better.

New Lashes

March 14th, 2006 Comments(2)

Because everyone has them and I want them too! I botched up somewhere though. :( Why is it so hard?

Alcohol Deficiency

March 14th, 2006 Comments(2)

The Singapore Sling I had yesterday evening kept me awake all night, and everyone thinks I'm weird. I can't drink inconspicuous traces of alcohol and expect to get to sleep well at night. I would be bouncing off the walls. A good night's sleep will only ensue if I drink till I'm tipsy.

And strangely, someone guzzled all the beer in the fridge. That's a freakin' lot of beer!

My Horrible Skin

March 10th, 2006 Comments(0)

The uncontrollable itching is back with a vengeance. Time to put myself back on the antihistamines. *Sigh* I didn't want to be dependent on meds, but I guess I have no choice because I just have to inherit my father's bad skin. Thank goodness I didn't inherit the pimples.

The Song Meme

March 09th, 2006 Comments(2)

Stolen from Evie.

1. A song by a Beatle:

2. A song featuring piano as the main instrument:
Air Supply - Goodbye

3. A song with a woman's name in the title:
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Claire

4. A song with a man's name in the title:
The Beatles - Hey Jude

5. A song about money:
Shania Twain - Ka-Ching!

6. A song with weather in the title:
The Carpenters - Rainy Days and Mondays

7. A song with parentheses in the title (these are parentheses):
98 Degrees - I Do (Cherish You)

8. A song made by a punk band:
No punk rock for me!

9. A song with the word "song" in the title:
Jim Croce - I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song

10. A song you love so much you stop and listen whenever you hear it/ put it on repeat mode and never get sick of it:
Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes

Game Humour

March 04th, 2006 Comments(7)

I'm a little pally, short and stout.
Here is my hammer, and here is my mount.
When I go out fighting, I cry and pout.
Throw up my shield, and hearthstone out.


Pr0n With Lele

March 01st, 2006 Comments(8)

I cannot believe I was watching porn with Lele yesterday. This is absolutely crazy. LOL.