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Not My Day

November 16th, 2005 Comments(3)

My period likes to make its entrance with a loud bang. Every. Single. Time. So what it does is arrive when:

  • I forget my feminine supplies.
  • I'm wearing white pants/skirts.
  • I'm going on holiday.
  • I'm having exams/tests/whatever major stuff that I can't afford to do badly in.
  • More than one of the above.

And what happens when nothing I've listed above happens? IT WAITS. It bloody waits! The nerve of my menstrual cycle.

So that's what happened today. I forgot to bring tampons. A colleague gave me pads. And just the brand I use too. But that's not the same. They're not tampons. They feel terribly icky. And I was in excruciating pain when I was supposed to be out trying to make sales.

Don't know how it feels like, guys? Just slam your groin into something hard. And keep it up the whole day. Then imagine that same pain in your lower abdomen. That should be about right.

So my boss was kind enough to let me go home early. But the cab fare made my heart ache. :( And when the cab reached the void deck, I had to make a 50-metre dash in a heavy downpour (to put it mildly). I emerged looking like I've been swimming.

My makeup held up remarkably well though. The non-waterproof mascara didn't even budge. *Incredulous* o.O

I <3 WordPress

November 14th, 2005 Comments(2)

I'm feeling mighty pleased with myself because I've hacked and plugin-ed WordPress to death and now I have an online store that can:

  • Display thumbnail listings
  • Hide price and order form from unregistered users
  • Allow registered users to order goods

Sounds bloody simple. But took me hours and hours and hours. Especially the thumbnail bit. I still think WordPress can afford to be less rigid with the tags. But hey, then maybe I wouldn't be feeling so pleased with myself.

Asia Fashion Week 2005

November 09th, 2005 Comments(5)

Guess who attended the Asia Fashion Week event before it was open to the public? I got to see loads of lithe female models and hunky male models. Mmm... And free of charge too. Apparently other than trade visitors and professionals, everyone has to pay $10.

Tough luck, because if they're charging, it's going to be pretty devoid of people.


November 09th, 2005 Comments(2)

My boss scrutinises me too much. She even notices that I've cut my hair, for grapefruit's sake! Hardly anyone noticed. They tend to tell me I'm wasting my money getting haircuts.


You Should Be A Model

November 05th, 2005 Comments(4)

In Tampines...

A salesperson totally walked up to me to tell me I should be a model, for no reason. And then walked away, without trying to sell me a single thing. Huh? She must be out of her mind. The only people who have told me I should be a model are those who want to rip me off.

In Orchard...

Got accosted by a "talent scout" who is "looking for new faces". In other words, looking for people gullible enough to pay for a makeup set, a portfolio, grooming lessons and anything they can think of. Do people really believe them?

Hairdresser Grumblings

November 02nd, 2005 Comments(0)

I am such an eejit. Went to Storm Hair and they told me I had to wait for an hour to get my cut, so I left and stepped right into a salon I've never heard of. I thought female hairdressers were bad because they are so rough with hair, but today I got worse. It was a butch.

My scalp was begging for mercy. And she splashed shampoo all over my face and promptly wiped them off with damp hands. Hello? You don't do that to a girls' face. Especially if she has makeup on.

My hair looks like it hasn't been cut at all. I don't know whether to feel like I've wasted my money or relieved that she didn't do anything drastic.

Gawd, this is all because I have the patience of a raging bonobo. Next time, I'll just wait.