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October 22nd, 2005 Comments(1)

I've been fiddling with this thing too. :P But the player still gives me crap songs. Oh well. Here's my profile anyway. Add me. :)

New Products

October 11th, 2005 Comments(4)

The products from Hong Kong arrived today and some of them are gorgeous. And inexpensive.

Now if someone will teach me how to get good photos of jewelry that simply sparkle too much, I will post visuals.

Major Retail Therapy

October 10th, 2005 Comments(8)

@ Work: The webhosting dude pissed me off royally today. He refused to let me have access to the control panel (I am beginning to suspect that he doesn't have one), and he doesn't let me create my own MySQL databases. I'm sick of calling him for every little glitch in my set up. I can't even chmod my files, for fuck's sake! He charges S$180 a year too. Space is pathetic. Service is pathetic. To me, he's just a big ol' fraud.

Thankfully, we have fab hosts like Lauren who answers support tickets within minutes! That dude doesn't answer his e-mails! What's more: He takes forever to set up an account, which proves that either his system is fucked up, or his mind is.


Went shopping to release some steam and ended up spending a grand total of $92.90. Here's a breakdown:

3 pairs of earrings: $12
2 empire waistline tops: $10 and $5
2 skirts: $10 and $5
Beige Pants: $19.90
Jeans: $15
Cardigan: $16

Not bad, I must say. Thank goodness for sales. :D