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Birthday Wishes

July 30th, 2005 Comments(6)


  • Lots of geeky clothing
    ThinkGeek stuff, J!NX stuff. You name it, I want it.
  • An iPod mini
    I've always lusted after the minis, especially after I saw the stuff at iPodStyles. But I don't really listen to music that much on the go. I mainly read. So it seems kind of a waste to buy it. But OMG, so pretty!


  • Lots and lots of Chic Lit
    Chic lit rocks, period. I'm lusting after Sophie Kinsella's new books. And Jennifer Weiner's.
  • LJ Smith's books
    It seems really silly. A 19-year-old reading kiddy books that belong to the period of Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley. I've certainly let go of the aforementioned. But LJ Smith's stuff are just too good.


  • All my wobbly bits gone
    These things are just plain evil. I don't deserve them... Okay, okay. I do, okay? I do. I'm a lazy ass. But who doesn't want them gone?
  • A nice, perky ass
    I want to stop coveting other people's perky bums. And to stop it, I need one myself!
  • The perfect concealer
    Everyone knows I have the world's worst dark undereye circles ever. Asking them to simply pack up and leave is like asking me to be docile and submissive. Simply. Not. Possible. I haven't found a concealer that makes them look like they've packed up and left. Does it even exist?
  • The perfect pink lipgloss
    I want nice pink lips. Like the girl in Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Dream print ad. I just can't find a damned lipgloss that makes my lips look like hers. Everything I buy is just too colourless or too red.

Just Plain Wishful Thinking

  • All my school work magically done
    With Z grades, no less. It really sucks to have to think about school work on your birthday.
  • To be filthy rich
    Anyone who doesn't like money is either stupid or already filthy rich. Imagine the possibilities of money. :P
  • Kim Sung Soo
    Don't know who he is? Shame on you. He is one of the most delectable men alive. Just look.

    I cropped out Han Eun Jeong because she was hugging him and that is just so wrong. :P

  • Stained Glass
    I know the former will only happen if hell freezes over. So I just want to watch the soap opera with him in it. In Korean. With English subtitles. No stupid Chinese dubs. You think that's fine, don't you? But no! Apparently it's wishful thinking too!

I'm 19

July 30th, 2005 Comments(11)

Birthdays are very funny things. You expect to feel different, but yet you don't. You're merely a day older than the previous day, yet officially, you're a full year older. And there's nothing exactly thrilling about getting older either. Not when you're past 18 anyway. :P

The boys are sure enthuasiastic about birthdays. Look who wished me a happy birthday real early.

The Cheaters
1. Ballyhoos - 20th July @ 7:48 PM (Can someone say anxious? )
2. Minghui - 29th July @ 6:30 PM (Just a bit kiasu)

The Earlybirds
1. The Cranky Old Man @ 12:05 AM
2. Jervis @ 12:07 AM
3. Johnny @ 12:15 AM

Silly, Misguided Companies

July 29th, 2005 Comments(0)

Passport Cosmetics claims that their Lipsticket is "a revolutionary new way to apply and carry lipstick", which really made me laugh. My great grandmother used red paper to stain her lips. This method is beyond old. It's ancient!


July 28th, 2005 Comments(2)

Get this. I was innocently walking towards the bus interchange when a complete stranger called me vain.

She was wearing flaming red lipstick with too much flaming red blusher to match. She had on blue eyeshadow and possessed wrinkles her mountain of foundation only served to emphasise. Her mascara looked like 10 years of soot on a chimney sweep's brush.

She called me vain.

Then she strolled into the sunlight holding up an umbrella.

I wanted to hold on to my sides and roll on the floor with hysterical laughter.

Now, I don't deny I'm vain. In fact, I think everyone is. But she clearly meant it in a derogatory manner, and forgot the obvious fact that when she pointed her finger at me, she was pointing 4 at herself.

At least being vain did me more good than it did her. *Giggles*

The Men Don't Get It

July 28th, 2005 Comments(0)

I've been told everything from how guys don't really like girls in skimpy attire to how guys prefer docile girls. They don't understand that sometimes it's not about guys. Sometimes girls don't do things so that guys will like them. Sometimes we do it for ourselves.

Guys don't like girls who wear tube tops and halters. Guys don't like girls who wear lipgloss. Big fat fuqn deal. Who said I'm dolling up to attract guys? And honestly, people who think tank tops = skimpy needs a reality check. Open your eyes wide when in Orchard Road.

Of Tests, Or Not

July 26th, 2005 Comments(6)

I was supposed to have 2 tests today. That's why I look like I haven't slept in 1,000 years when I normally just look like I haven't slept in 250 years, perhaps. And that's why after the first test, I sat in the study room I booked in the library, trying to swallow my notes whole.

It was so cold that, in Jacob's words, if your fridge ever malfunctions, you can just put all your food in the library. I was even wearing something a whole lot more fabric than my usual sleeveless tops, but that didn't prevent my fingers from turning the same shade of blue as my top.

And guess what? NO TEST. Lecturer on sick leave. Hip hip hurray. -_- Just imagine. I could've done something more productive like examine my split ends.


July 25th, 2005 Comments(6)

Look at what I found in the library today!

Millington's sense of humour is so fuqn sexy, I have a crush on him. Shuddup, Cessy. I had a crush on him first. >:O

Enslaved By Makeup

July 21st, 2005 Comments(0)

I've been told to wear makeup the mornings after I endure sleepless nights because I "really look like the undead". *Cries* Why don't guys get told to do that? Bloody unfair.

Really Stressed

July 21st, 2005 Comments(0)

I always have Delta Goodrem's Born To Try on loop when project deadlines are looming over me. I don't expect to be sleeping for the next few weeks. :'(

Doing everything that I believe in
Going by the rules that I've been taught
More understanding of what's around me
And protected from the walls of love

All that you see is me
And all I truly believe

That I was born to try
I've learned to love
Be understanding
And believe in life
But you've got to make choices
Be wrong or right
Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like

But I was born to try

No point in talking what you should have been
And regretting the things that went on
Life's full of mistakes, destinies and fate
Remove the clouds look at the bigger picture

And all that you see is me
And all I truly believe

That I was born to try
I've learned to love
Be understanding
And believe in life
But you've got to make choices
Be wrong or right
Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like

But I was born to try

All that you see is me
All I truly believe
All that you see is me
And all I truly believe

That I was born to try

Gravatar Down

July 20th, 2005 Comments(0)

Pfft. Isn't it just annoying? The domain name wasn't renewed. If you're using Gravatar and you don't want to have ugly red X's in your blog, just go to Plugin Editor and change to

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