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Of Chinese And Whatnot

June 28th, 2005 Comments(0)

Sometimes I wonder why I turn out the way I did - Having a preference for the English language and being much more fluent in it. I certainly did not grow up in an English-speaking environment. My parents spoke Hokkien to each other and Mandarin to us. My mother was only ever educated in Chinese, and her spoken English was so embarrassing, I wanted her to stop.

She made me memorise and recite all sorts of Chinese idioms. We only watched Chinese programmes and listened to Chinese radio stations. The very first words out of my mouth were entirely Mandarin.

And now I'm having difficulty writing a 600-word essay on Qin Shi Huang. (Granted, I don't care about him, and I never formed any opinions about him, which may be mostly why I'm having such difficulty.)

I guess language needs practice. And all I've done since I entered this school was write reports on how to sucker the consumers - entirely in English. Can someone say rusty?

Late Night Rant

June 28th, 2005 Comments(2)

我讨厌Business Mandarin & PRC Culture!*吐血*

Annoyances On The Bus

June 23rd, 2005 Comments(6)

Most of the worst kinds of people I've met, I've met them on the bus. There are those who will repeatedly step on your toes without apologising. There are those who don't care if the things they carry while standing up are hitting you in the face. There are perverts. There are idiots who just love to irritate passengers. And then there are people who can't control their kids.

I hate people who have zero control over their kids.

Don't they feel like a failure showing the world their incompetent parenting skills? I wonder what good it does to allow their kids to hit them? Scream and shriek? Run up and down the entire bus?

I glared at a man so hard today that he wouldn't even look at me after the 3rd time his horrid kids shrieked the whole bus down. And all he could do was whisper to the kids to lower their voices. As if it did any good. A good smack is what the kids need, I tell you.

Do away with nonsense about not spanking kids, I say. At least, until they are old enough to understand reason.

The One

June 22nd, 2005 Comments(2)

My friends are convinced I met The One today.

“喂!帮挤辣椒!(Help me squeeze some chilli sauce)”, I told my friend, after I bought my lunch.

The dude behind me picked up the bottle, and asked, "Chilli?", and then proceeded to load the sauce on my plate.

"Enough?", he asks.

And by then I was too embarrassed do much besides thank him and give a sheepish smile.

We spotted him later, eating his lunch and reading at the same time, reverie-style.


More Business Mandarin Rants

June 18th, 2005 Comments(4)

You can choose either of the two topics below to write an article with 600-700 hundred Chinese words:

1. 我眼中的秦始皇
2. 中国古代发明对人类的贡献

Special requirement: The article must be handwritten.

Whoever set this is a sadist. Handwritten? Nobody writes school assignments by hand anymore! Was told to strike out the word hundred. *Shudders*

Me As Of June 14th, 2005

June 14th, 2005 Comments(4)

Because Pei thinks I may look Ah Lian. Well, pardon the quality. I'm glad my camera came back to life at all. And don't complain about the angle. I think it looks better like this okay? :P

A Sappy Quote

June 13th, 2005 Comments(3)

"You don't love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand."

The songs I sing must be godawful or simply incomprehensible then.

Ritz Carlton

June 13th, 2005 Comments(5)

Went to Ritz Carlton to check out their service scape as part of my Services Marketing project. Felt extremely out of place because we were in jeans. Ordered 4 drinks that amounted to a grand total of $47.60. Or something like that. Can someone say ouch??? And Jerome paid for it all.

The restrooms are magnificent. There are like... couches! And steam baths, a sauna, and big fluffy towels in every single bathroom. We used the weighing scale too. I'm 43kg. I ought to buy one for myself. Whenever I'm feeling generally fleshy, I just need to step on it to remind myself that I'm really kinda light.


The next time we go, we're going to dress really formally to see if we get better service.

Private Posts Fixed

June 10th, 2005 Comments(3)

I fixed the bug that was affecting the private posts, apparently. Tell me if there's any problems. Yayness!

Business Mandarin Hell

June 09th, 2005 Comments(2)

Business Mandarin & PRC Culture is just plain sucky. The lecturer-cum-tutor is from Shanghai so I fully expected him to be able to pronounce my name correctly. He couldn't, just like most of the other Chinese teachers I had right from Primary 1. He called me Shu Ting, for grapefruit's sake! Just... what the hell.

Next, he insisted that bedclothes means sleepwear, which is totally wacked. I tried to tell him otherwise, but he wouldn't have it. Worse, the other fools in class thought I was the idiot.

I'm really scared now. What if he marks me down for something I get right because in his warped little mind, his answer is something else?

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