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How To Drive Me Up The Wall

April 25th, 2005 Comments(6)

If I hear S.H.E’s «我爱你» again for one more time, you're going to see me starring in the news for committing homicide. Probably by wringing the neck of the person nearest to me.

Note to self:

  • Threaten brother with bodily harm should he ever consider downloading said song.
  • Keep earphones jammed into own ears in the office. Glue them in if need be.
  • Avoid any Chinese radio stations including Y.E.S. 933 and the likes.
  • Maintain a 10-foot distance from any professed S.H.E. fans.

I Can Call This Harrassment

April 24th, 2005 Comments(2)

Stop trying to sell me credit cards. It is dumb. Do I look 21 to you? No, I look about 15. Okay, 17 when I just get off from work because of the makeup I have to put on to "maintain professionalism". After all, sorting mountains of papers, filing them, detaching staples, scanning, and all that jazz is sooooo professional, which is why we can't wear jeans either.

So why am I always accosted by people who are trying to get me to sign up for credit cards? Does my oh-so-professional holiday job look like it earns me $30,000 a year? Huh? Huh? Huh?

The Evolution Of Cretins

April 20th, 2005 Comments(4)

Why is it that perfectly sane and nice people I got to know offline will always inevitably evolve into annoying creatures online, punctuating their sentences with zzz's and excessive Singlish? A little lah's and lor's are really alright with me. But just wtf is "Haizzz, u gt it rdy 4 mi liao, izzit?"

Hello, Singaporeans? Other people read that and think we're illiterate! And the fact is that we can spell just as well or even better than them if we so desire. Geez.

Footwear That Doesn't Hurt

April 15th, 2005 Comments(15)

I bought this pair of unbelievably comfortable slippers and I'm completely in love with. I think all shoes should be made this delightful to the feet. *Swoons*

More Geekiness

April 12th, 2005 Comments(5)

WordPress Plugin Competition! How exciting! I can't wait for all the yummy plugins! :P

Which Ragnarok Online Monster Are You?

April 07th, 2005 Comments(3)

LV : 63
Type : Demi-Human
Attribute : Neutral Noble Lady of the Demon world who is very obsessive to control humans as slaves. Her whip never miss tagets.

Evie's Party

April 02nd, 2005 Comments(9)

Went to Evie's 21st birthday party yesterday and the food was sooooo good. It was a fuqn nice party. But oh, as usual, the geeks Cessy and I are, we hogged her computer. And played with her webcam.

Cessy told me I smelt like an ah pek (old man) because I had beer breath. >:O Hmph.