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Project Madness

February 28th, 2005 Comments(3)

The Housing Development Board finally acknowledged the hard work we've put into that project of theirs that made us have many sleepless nights. So my group was awarded 2nd prize and presented with six $30 book vouchers, which is pretty darn miserable if you ask me. But still better than nothing.

Well, time to get a book I really want. After this project madness is over.

Uber Crankiness

February 26th, 2005 Comments(2)

This week, I have completed:

  • Communication Skills 2 meeting roleplay on PRC culture
  • Internet Marketing report
  • Customer Relationship Management report
  • Advertising & Promotion presentation
  • Nifty PowerPoint slides for every single subject

Next week, I need to complete:

  • Advertising & Promotion individual assignment
  • Integrated Marketing Project 1 presentation and report
  • Internet Marketing presentation
  • Customer Relationship Management presentation
  • Retail Management report
  • Communication Skills 2 summative test

I survived this week. But I might not survive the next. I am braindead. I wish I were dead.

Advertising Slogan

February 20th, 2005 Comments(1)

This thing says I am God.

"Thank Reverie it's Friday."

See? :P It rocks.


February 18th, 2005 Comments(2)

So I took my money down to the POSB cash deposit machines like I always do. 380 dollars. That is a fucking lot of money to me.

And guess what?

The machine ate my notes.

So I panicked. I asked the guy nearest to me to lend me his mobile phone so I could call those people in charge of that bloody machine. He looked at me like I was plotting to run away with his phone. I pleaded and asked him to call that number. Thank goodness he relented.

I am never using the bloody machine again. No wonder it is always fucking down, it likes eating notes.

I hope I get my money back. :'(

*Mutters* 他奶奶的。

Frayed Nerves

February 18th, 2005 Comments(2)

I hate being awake at unearthly hours since I learned to sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 8 AM. Being awake rushing a report does not suit me at all. Now I feel like strangling the client, the tutors, the lecturers, and a couple of my group members.

Retail Management Project

February 15th, 2005 Comments(2)

So we ran the retail cart from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Am so tired, I just feel like collapsing into bed right now... If only I didn't have paper to write. We didn't actually incur any losses, which was really great. In fact, we even made a total profit of 40ish bucks, which when divided, only amounted to $9.30 per person.

Some imbecile had the nerve to walk to my stall and tell me that it is a school and we should sell our merchandise at cost price. Hello, fuckwit?! My decorations cost money, my rental costs money, my posters and leaflets cost money, acquiring the goods and transporting them costs money, and even the time I wasted in sourcing for merchandise is pretty darn valuable too. Why the flying fuck should I set up a stall if I am not intending to make any profit? To benefit you? This is a business, not a charitable organisation.

Fuqn Exhausted

February 14th, 2005 Comments(3)

I spent the majority of my day in school, putting up posters, printing leaflets and such for the operation of my retail cart tomorrow. They look fucking gorgeous if I do say so myself. :P

If you are free tomorrow, drop by Temasek Polytechnic's Business School and buy something from me. :P I think we're all going to incur heavy losses. :( Fuqn Retail Management.

Oh, happy Valentine's Day or something. Whatever. I have reports to rush, nobody bothered to ask me out, and I just feel like going to bed at 9 PM. What a sad life I lead. Boo hoo. :'(

So It's CNY

February 10th, 2005 Comments(0)

What's been said when collecting ang pows: Hurry up and get married, you.

The implication: Get married so I won't have to give you moolah on Chinese New Year, you'll be digging into your pockets for MY children.

*Scoffs* It doesn't look like I'm going to get married any time soon.

My Brother's 16

February 03rd, 2005 Comments(1)

It is my kid brother's 16th birthday. :P Well, not exactly a flattering photo of me, typical red eyes. But that's the only photo we took.


February 02nd, 2005 Comments(12)

My hairdresser said I have a forehead the size of Europe (well, not really, but he meant it), so he gave me bangs. My brother called my haircut "ugly" and "act cute". My father says, "If she isn't going to act cute at 18, then when? 38?"