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I Feel Like Crying

October 30th, 2004 Comments(1)

My connection is being a pain in the ass. I keep getting disconnected every few bloody seconds and this stupid wireless adapter makes my computer laggy as hell. =/ I wonder what's wrong. No, I haven't touched the settings.


October 29th, 2004 Comments(3)

I got the Mother of all Papercuts today. Absolutely awful. It bled too much and still hurts a lot. :( At least I said goodbye to the job today. I didn't even bother to bid the people goodbye. Awful monsters, the load of them.

Lust At First Sight

October 28th, 2004 Comments(4)

I won't be working after tomorrow. I'll gladly bum around at home all day, everyday. Complained about InsufferableOldHag to the bank officer today. She said I have to understand that my job is very time-sensitive. Needing the toilet is time-sensitive too, hello?

Anyway, I'll miss ogling at a certain cutie in the office. It was lust at first sight. But then again, I noticed a ring on his finger today. Figures that cuties will be married. Bahhh. If they aren't married, they're probably scumbags. :P

I Quit

October 27th, 2004 Comments(7)

I'm going to call the agency first thing tomorrow morning and ask for a transfer to another department. If that's not possible, well, I'm not going to work anymore. There's no reason why I should be an overworked, underpaid temp who puts up with nonsense from an insufferable old hag. After all, she's going to be scanning stupid documents for the rest of her miserable life, and I can do better than that.

Get this. InsufferableOldHag told me I should only go to the restroom during lunch hour. Exactly how many people only go to the toilet once a day? Or am I supposed to get myself a chamber pot to relieve myself?

Geez. She's not even some big-shot in the department. Must feel good to be able to boss a temp around.

Highlight Of My Day

October 26th, 2004 Comments(5)

Extract of SMS #1

The cab driver keeps going the wrong way. Jiu mingggg. (Jiu ming = 救命 = Save my life)

SMS #2

Later he kidnap me.

SMS #3

... He looks like a crook.

Extract of SMS #4

If I don't go online for a few days, call my family hor.
SHB 7681H.

Gawd, can you say paranoid? :P It cracked me up during my lunch hour. Added to the fact that I don't know how to contact his family. :P

Against The Dress Code

October 25th, 2004 Comments(0)

I wore flip flops to work today.

It truly wasn't intentional. And I only noticed that my feet felt a tad too comfortable when the book I was reading made some mention about footwear. And I was already on the train by then.

Nobody commented on it, thank goodness. I hope they didn't notice. I should make myself more awake before I leave for work.

My Boring Life

October 21st, 2004 Comments(1)

Oops. Stopped blogging, have I? I'm just too darn sleepy from work all the time. I just got transferred from Trade Services to Bank Operations at work. Just when I started to get the hang of my tasks too.

One lady from the department said she'll miss me. :P After all, we crap and bitch all day long. And she says weird things that crack me up like "Samantha, you have to check whether the man you're going to marry is a virgin."

Roffle. How is that even remotely possible?

Brainless Spam

October 17th, 2004 Comments(3)

Dear user of "" mailing system,

Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days, to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our free auto-forwarding service.

For details see the attach.

In order to read the attach you have to use the following password: 60112.

The Management,
The team

*Laughs* I hope nobody who has one of my e-mail forwarders is stupid enough to open that attachment. I am the management and I can spell better than that, yes?


October 15th, 2004 Comments(0)

I know I've said this before, but if I were a day of the week, I would be Friday so people will go, "Thank God it's Friday!"

And that's exactly how I'm feeling today. But it feels nice getting money for something less stressful than projects (even though work is tiring as well).

Great. Now I shall catch up on some The Sims 2 and MapleStory.

Money, Money, Money

October 13th, 2004 Comments(9)

I received my very first payment for the text ads I put up some days ago (look below). Now I'm US$20 richer and will be every month (if they pay as promised). W00t!

*Sticks tongue out at the commenting spambots* You know your stupid ads get deleted. ;) If you want them to stay, you'll have to pay me. I'll even advertise your viagra for laughs.

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