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June 29th, 2004 Comments(4)


The hour of blackout was terrible. I was sweating like a pig. A blind pig. I needed to change my tampon and it wasn't pleasant trying when I could see nothing.

*Grumbles* The power just came back.

What's With The Vocab?

June 29th, 2004 Comments(2)

Gawd. What an annoying kid.

"It's inherent in my nature. I'm voluble, garrulous and loud."

Voluble? Garrulous? Are 10-year-olds supposed to speak like that? Are normal human beings supposed to speak like that?

Dizzy Moments

June 29th, 2004 Comments(5)

Everyone knows that business schools are full of girls. And despite that, I found myself seated in between 2 boys during Marketing Principles lecture. And they would not stop shaking their legs. As if the sight wasn't dizzying enough, my seat started shaking as well because of it. -_-

Day At The Beach

June 26th, 2004 Comments(6)

Back from Sentosa. Tired. Sleepy. Slightly burnt. Ouch.

Be Innovative For Me

June 25th, 2004 Comments(7)

I need feasible, innovative, money-making business ideas. My life depends on it. Unfortunately, I've been sleeping a tad too early and a tad too much lately. My brain cells have yet to wake up.

*Whimpers* Help!

Hurl whatever crazy ideas you have at me. Anything at all. Even booger-flavoured chocolate chip cookies or something. I don't care.

More Book Comments

June 24th, 2004 Comments(2)

The Lipstick Chronicles kinda sucked. Hello predictability! Beautiful, single, disillusioned career women meet dashing, filthy rich, sensitive young men who can cook! Each woman suddenly loses her senses and shag the man before the day is over.

Cliche, anyone?

Oh, and apparently, every man who walks into the office is interested in one woman. And none of them are interested in the same woman.


Okay, I'm jealous. Whatever. I want a man who can cook too.

I Miss Being A Pig

June 24th, 2004 Comments(4)

I slept for a grand total of 12 hours. :) My class starts at 2 PM. It feels damn good, I tell you. Damn good.


June 24th, 2004 Comments(15)

I got 6 more Gmail invites this morning. Gave out one. But seems like nobody's clamouring for an invite anymore. :P

Who wants an invite?

Those Survey Thingies

June 23rd, 2004 Comments(3)

I stole this from Sarah. I took 2 days to do it so some of the answers aren't that current anymore. :P

My Secret Ambition

June 23rd, 2004 Comments(1)

It's been only a day and I miss my brother already. Well, since my grandmother called on me to cook rice anyway.

I cannot cook to save my life.

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