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New Found Love

April 30th, 2004 Comments(19)

<3 <3 <3!!!

I've got a new computer. :D It rocks, and now I can configure all those lovely visual enhancements that the piece of antique didn't allow me to.

And before you say "lucky duck", I'll tell you that I'm significantly poorer. Ah well, new obsessions are always expensive.


April 26th, 2004 Comments(7)

Cessy has known me for 6 years or so. And she has been under the impression that I live in Bishan.

<Singlish> Aiyoh, how blur can you get? </Singlish>

Terribly Upset

April 26th, 2004 Comments(4)

I thought I was going to be fine. But I'm not. I shouldn't care. But I do.

Someone please distract me. Games, outings, whatever. I need all the distraction I can get now that school isn't one anymore.

I'm Freeeee

April 23rd, 2004 Comments(6)

Done with my finals. Yay. :) Fairyland, anyone? Mellissa? :P

Single For Life

April 22nd, 2004 Comments(6)

"I never married, because there was no need. I have three pets at home which answer the same purpose as a husband. I have a dog that growls every morning, a parrot that swears all afternoon, and a cat that comes home late every night." - English novelist Marie Corelli



April 20th, 2004 Comments(2)

Yume is back and is shocked to learn that I'm now 17 and a Marketing student. :P

Being married makes you lose your senses. Yikes. ;) It's not that hard. Subtract 7 years from your own age and you get mine. Simple Math, see?

Positively Sweltering

April 20th, 2004 Comments(7)

I sat for the 2 most fucked up papers on the same day, in the most horrid venue. Hello? I'll be paying a few grand each year for school fees. (Yes, damn straight. I pay. Not my parents.) I certainly don't deserve to get roasted like a suckling pig when I'm trying my darndest to concentrate on my papers.

Instead of thinking about supply chain management systems and strategic planning processes, all I could think about was having a cold shower.

No supplementary papers please. Oh goodness me. Please. My A and B for coursework will be bloody wasted. :(


April 19th, 2004 Comments(4)

The guy I had the teeniest, tiniest baby crush on some time last year now has a face that looks like it got physical with a durian.

Gawd. What was I thinking?

Okay, okay. Exam stress. Damn exams.


April 19th, 2004 Comments(5)

This school is huge on accusations. Like today. Some cretin of an invigilator accused me of bringing in notes for my open-book paper. Notes are not allowed. Textbooks void of any scribblings are. Har har.

Hello? A formula sheet torn out from the textbook is not a note, you retarded dodo!

Maybe she thinks that anything not part of the textbook anymore is considered a note. Well, no one told me I couldn't savagely tear at my textbook and bring the pieces of papers to the examination hall.

Bye bye, Business Statistics. I won't miss you.

Good As Dead

April 18th, 2004 Comments(1)

Exams tomorrow. A person who scored no less than a B in all her subjects for final coursework ought to do well. Right? RIGHT?!

I hope so. =/

Business Statistics tomorrow. Wish me well. I'm sooo going to die. I hate numbers.

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