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Contact Lenses Woes

January 31st, 2004 Comments(3)

One of my contact lenses needs to get replaced. No fault of mine. It was the manufacturer's. Now I'll have to wait 10 days or so. 10 days with glasses.


Random School Babblings

January 27th, 2004 Comments(6)

How strange it is that my kindergarten/primary school classmates seem to be popping out everywhere in school. And the person sitting next to me could very well have been one.

Male-looking homosapiens should not enter the female restrooms because they make me do double takes and wonder if I entered the wrong restroom.

Some dude asked me if my name was Grace in the canteen today. He then introduced himself as Peter, declared that he knew me, and asked for my name. If that was his idea of a pick-up line, what an unoriginal one that is.


January 26th, 2004 Comments(7)

My total ang pow takings for this year: $202. Not a lot. But significantly more than my previous year. I come from a family of misers.

Boyfriend Collection

January 25th, 2004 Comments(4)

By 16, she had 42 boyfriends

It always puzzles me as to why the heck people would still count after having so many.

Happy Lunar New Year!

January 22nd, 2004 Comments(5)

I've scored 19 ang pows to date. :) Almost half of which were from the boy's family, the amount in them far surpassing the other half. My, my. They are a generous lot.

So I sat in his grandma's home, grinning like an idiot, collecting ang pows, and having steamboat dinner with them. After which I dragged the boy to a distant relative's home to inhale second-hand smoke. Sheesh. Doesn't he just love what I have to give him?

What Feeling Do You Represent?

January 19th, 2004 Comments(0)

You represent... hope. You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't mind being alone at times. You have goals, and know what you want in life... even if they are a little far fetched.


January 19th, 2004 Comments(3)

I feel so... domesticated. Travelled all the way to the west side of Singapore to help the boy clean his room. :P Actually, no. He cleaned the room, while I dug through his belongings and made some of his stuff mine. Muahahahaha.

Excessive Stupidity

January 16th, 2004 Comments(4)

I do hate those lame introductions tutors ask us to do whenever classmates are new to one another. It happened again during Business Statistics. Mine went like this...

Case Of Lost Identity

January 13th, 2004 Comments(7)

Do not, I repeat, do not call me 玉婷 (Yù Tíng)! My name is 妤婷 (Yú Tíng) and I will throttle the next person who calls me 玉婷! *Rawr*

There's a difference, dammit! I was named after a female official in the Han Dynasty, mind you! ;)

Call Me A Truant

January 12th, 2004 Comments(3)

How many lectures have I skipped since school started?

I daren't count.

I wanted to go for Principles of Management, I truly did! The people at Ultra Supplies pissed me off again by telling me the notes were sold out. So what's the bloody point? :P

I'm a good girl. Honest. 0:) I have a halo.

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