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And I Click

October 31st, 2003 Comments(5)

Evil Daynah introduced me to FeedDemon. Now I'm going to save a lot of time because I won't have to surf for updates anymore. :P

So what am I supposed to do online?

I just have one tiny gripe about this programme. When I try to group my feeds, the programme just can't check for updates for all groups. :( Oh, and when I click on a passworded link, it gives me a 404.

What Hallmark Holiday Are You?

October 31st, 2003 Comments(3)

You're Valentine's Day! I'm guessing that you have significant other and completely adore them. You're definitely the most romantic holiday there is...*dreamy sigh* Isn't love great?


Not Pretty Enough

October 31st, 2003 Comments(5)

I feel less attractive with glasses. I have no idea why, but I do. I miss my contact lenses. :( It'll be another couple of days before I get my lenses.


October 29th, 2003 Comments(3)

What's up frigidaire. You are 19% pickup-able! You're cold and unapproachable, like a big glacier that's unapproachable. And cold. Unlike the Arctic tundra, few even venture to plant their flag in you. You're definitely not a Scorpio, unless you were born between October 23 and November 21.

The bad news is that you'll end up miserable and alone, probably knitting doilies out of cat hair. The good news is that this is apparently what you want. Honestly, I don't even feel comfortable talking to you right now, so I'm just gonna go? yeah? wash my friend's hair.

Too funny. Statistics say that out of 1,519,337 people who have taken the test, no one is as cold and unapproachable as I am. :P


October 28th, 2003 Comments(11)

Regarding the lousy grade I got that I thought I didn't deserve...

I approached the tutor today. And discovered that he penalised me because he suspected my assignment was plagiarised. What the fuck?! This is not right. I take 6 subjects and half the subject tutors suspect that the work I submit is not really mine.

Apparently, the work they expect from us has the English standard equivalent to an 8-year-old's.

He made me explain my essay sentence by sentence. And said he would review my grade because I proved to him that that essay was 100% mine.

I am peeved. They usually try to squirm their way out by complimenting my language competency. But that doesn't make up for insulting my integrity.

What Made You Say That?

October 28th, 2003 Comments(2)

(Shamelessly stolen from Eliza :P)

Choose an artiste and answer only in song titles by that artiste:
Shania Twain

Are you male or female: Man! I Feel Like A Woman
How old are you: No One Needs To Know
Describe yourself: Crime Of The Century
How do some people feel about you: Up!
How do you feel about yourself: Still Under The Weather
Describe your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend: Leaving Is The Only Way Out
Describe your views on significant others and crushes: You Win My Love
Describe what you want: Ka-Ching!
Describe how you live: Ain't No Particular Way
Describe how you love: Forever And Always
Share a few words of wisdom: C'est La Vie

Utterly Pissed Off

October 27th, 2003 Comments(4)

I take whatever I said about being grateful towards my father. He is a freakin' moron who has the nerve to yell at me when I got angry because he didn't keep his word.

And he made it sound like it was all my fault. Yeah, of course it's my fault. My fault for being stupid enough to believe him.

Tough Luck

October 24th, 2003 Comments(14)

This hasn't been the best month of my life. :( First, my phone went kaput, followed by my SIM card. Some moron deemed it fit to pass off my blog entries as hers. And I'm just utterly stressed out.

Now, to top it off... I lost one of my contact lenses. Gee. Lucky me. I'm so grateful that my father didn't suggest that I pay for it. He just went, "It's probably time to change your lenses anyway so let's go to the optician tomorrow."

Which isn't true.

[edit] And I forgot to mention that I got a lousy grade that I thought I didn't deserve. :(


October 22nd, 2003 Comments(7)

After all the hustle and bustle and all the crazy rushing of projects, nothing feels better than to be sitting here at 5:55 PM with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. Ahh...

Now, if only I had picked up a more interesting book from the library, I would have something to read.


October 22nd, 2003 Comments(10)

How very... interesting. Do you see any resemblance between this and my entry on the 30th of September?

Oh, and how about this and the my journal extract on the 18th of September?

Why would someone do that? Really.

[edit] LOL. Those entries turned into locked ones. Why? So you can continue lifting entries off others?

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