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Topsy Turvy

September 30th, 2003 Comments(8)

My life is well and truly like a soap opera.

New Photos

September 28th, 2003 Comments(4)

New photos here and here. :) Don't you just love photos?


September 26th, 2003 Comments(0)

This week has been so terribly hectic. :( I wish I can say "TGIF!", but the week isn't over yet. Group project meeting tomorrow again, like every single day for this whole week.

We don't even see our projects taking shape. Deadlines are next week.


September 23rd, 2003 Comments(2)

I revived my simming addiction with The Sims Superstar. Which is bad in situations like... right now when I desperately want to sleep but am tempted to play. ;)

Results, Results

September 22nd, 2003 Comments(5)

Got back my Economics paper. That makes A for all my papers save for the dreadful D in my Organisational Behaviour.

My conclusion? I should freak out more during exams. It helps.

Celebration Photos

September 21st, 2003 Comments(1)

Here they are. :)

It's Been So Long

September 21st, 2003 Comments(2)

I just got home after a steamboat dinner and a walk in Mt. Faber with a crazy bunch of people. o.O I'm not used to getting home so late in the night, especially when I know there are perverts around my area. (I just met a couple of them with tattoos all over their arms, asking me where I'm going in Hokkien.)

Sweet guy friend drove me all the way home. Phew. I would never have made it in time for the last bus.

I took a heck load of photos!


September 19th, 2003 Comments(6)

Is it just me or is Dove producing more of their incredibly annoying ads with zero originality? They make those girls look like bimbos who think the greatest achievement in the world is to have a good hair day and their boyfriends won't love them anymore if their hair is a "bale of hay".

They need help with the advertisements. They really do.

I Do Hate OB

September 19th, 2003 Comments(0)

*Wails* My results for Organisational Behaviour were dreadful. See? What good is attending lectures? :(

Balance, Dammit!

September 18th, 2003 Comments(3)

Almost 4 AM. Just completed my Business Accounting tutorial and am still up. Wide awake too, I may add. What the hell is wrong with me? Blah.

I... should... not... procrastinate... *Sigh*

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