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Gone For A While

August 31st, 2003 Comments(2)

Going to Genting sans family tomorrow. Won't be back till Thursday and probably won't have Net access for these few days. See you soon.

Currently, I'm extremely pissed with my father for going back on his word and having the nerve to shout at me for not being understanding. Whatever.

What's Your Sex Appeal?

August 29th, 2003 Comments(3)

Everything is peachy now that it's the holidays and I have no more exams. :P That is, until I get around to doing my projects.

Being Slim

August 27th, 2003 Comments(10)

You know what's my secret of staying so slim/skinny/thin/whatever? My grandmother's cooking. It's so horrible, you will stay slim for as long as you are eating meals she prepared. *Groans* I really, really want some good food.

Superficiality Back!

August 26th, 2003 Comments(0)

Send my temporary hostee, Jade some love. (She rejected permanent hosting. *Sobs*)

Amusing first entry. Thanks. *Giggles*

Feeling Bitchy

August 26th, 2003 Comments(0)

Sighy. Late period = prolonged PMS. I snapped at more people than I could remember. Accounting was a disaster. People were talking about how their balance sheets didn't balance. I didn't even complete the fucking sheet.


I Rock!

August 25th, 2003 Comments(4)

Survived Economics test after much, much freaking out for 3 whole days. (My father complained that when I'm studying, he has to study as well because I kept asking him stupid questions.) I think I did pretty well. *Shrugs*

Rewarded myself with some sinful fried stuff from Old Chang Kee. Mmm... :P~


August 22nd, 2003 Comments(4)

I called my Communication Skills tutor a bitch today. A name she well and truly deserves too, after hurling multiple insults at us. She probably hates my guts now and life in class won't be any easier.

So why do I feel damn good about it?


August 21st, 2003 Comments(2)

80% for the Accounting test I was freaking out so very muchly over. Yay me. :) At least I'm not totally hopeless with numbers.


August 20th, 2003 Comments(9)

I put in so much effort for my Communication Skills essay and my tutor actually suspected that it was plagiarised. When I confronted her about it, she actually had the nerve to tell me that I should take it as a compliment because it means I write well. *Rolls eyes* Excuse me, but I'm offended.

Outercourse Activity?

August 17th, 2003 Comments(2)


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