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It's Our Birthday

July 30th, 2003 Comments(17)

Yep, I'm 17. Thanks for all the wishes, you guys rock. :) No celebration today since I had classes till 5. Not a good day to celebrate. :P Right now, I just want some quality sleep.

Might update on this birthday thingy after the weekend. :P I <3 my classmates to bits. They rock at remembering birthdays.

Happy sweet 16, Nalani!!!! :)


July 29th, 2003 Comments(7)

Just when I decided to skip one of the computing lectures for a badly needed rest, they decided to have a pop quiz. *Whines* It better not be graded.


July 28th, 2003 Comments(4)

No more taking of temperature twice daily in school. Yay! *Rejoices* (About time too. SARS is long over.)

My Hair Woes

July 21st, 2003 Comments(17)

Decided my hair was getting too thick and out of shape, so got a haircut at Storm Hair. Then Rah tells me I have little hair. *Cries* (Pardon the photo, I know I look like a zombie. But I have school this morning and that explains everything.)

PS: I told my brother I rebonded my hair and he stupidly believed me.

Ah, Some News!

July 16th, 2003 Comments(2)

Congrats to Yume who's getting married tomorrow. *Huggley* Why don't you talk to me anymore? :`(

Possible Password Change

July 12th, 2003 Comments(17)

If I don't find out who Veronica is in my gallery, the password is going to be changed. So 'fess up or everyone is going to have to memorise a different password. I know no Veronica.

And if I find anyone giving out my password, s/he will get throttled personally.

Of Birthdays And Whatnot

July 11th, 2003 Comments(2)

A few photos from today's outing / "celebration". Class decided people born in July gets a cake. Awww.....

Sleeping In

July 09th, 2003 Comments(2)

I can sleep in tomorrow cos I have no lessons. Yay me. :) I miss sleep! I'm still having a hard time falling asleep at night.

Btw, Pei, it gets freaky seeing you every morning when I wake up. Please sleep. I don't like seeing zombies first thing in the morning. :P

More School Nonsense

July 08th, 2003 Comments(7)

Computer Systems & Applications lecturer says that she'll teach us how to design webpages!!! OMG, OMG, how exciting!!! With Dreamweaver, no less!

As if boring me with Dreamweaver for 4 years in secondary school wasn't quite enough. Lecturer was so sure we'll all enjoy it immensely as well.


July 08th, 2003 Comments(8)

Ah yes, with reference to Lauren's LJ entry. What's with people who have to call others younger than them kids or little girls/boys just to make themselves feel superior? *Rolls eyes*

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