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What Chinese Symbol Are You?

June 29th, 2003 Comments(3)

Quick, Get Hooked Up!

June 29th, 2003 Comments(10)

Lauren is offering an incentive for protaggers to hook up. Free hosting for protagonist couples! :P

Happy Pie Day!

June 27th, 2003 Comments(1)

Happy 19th birthday, Pei woman! *Jumps about*

It's Over!

June 21st, 2003 Comments(4)

And 3 years later, I still can't shake off my reputation for dating THE muscle man from the neighbouring school. Sometimes it's amusing. But give it up already! :P


June 20th, 2003 Comments(2)

Plug plug! Because I feel like it. :) Hi Chel!

Let's Talk About Love

June 16th, 2003 Comments(24)

Yes, I have a boyfriend. Yes, it's still Song Jun. Yes, I still <3 him! (It's been 9 months. ;P)

*Glares at Cessy* She thinks I switch boyfriends like I change underwear.

Which Smiley Are You?

June 15th, 2003 Comments(5)

Your mouth must hurt. A lot.

Medical Checkup

June 14th, 2003 Comments(8)

Medical checkup today. Was okay. Finally found out my height and weight.

Height: 1.61 metres.
Weight: 40.7 kilograms.
BMI: 15.7

Bloody hell. That explains why my shorts don't fit. =/ No skinny comments please. I had quite enough of them. Free food delivery welcome. :P

Sidetrack: My toes are swollen. Bitten by ants. :(

Wireless Crap

June 13th, 2003 Comments(5)

My wireless internet connection is driving me crazy. Ugh. Load of crap. And now my brother is stealing my bandwidth!

Clothes Problem

June 12th, 2003 Comments(6)

Class BBQ tomorrow. My shorts don't fit. *Spazzes out* They went beyond my hips and look like they're about to fall off. Ugh. I don't know what happened. :(

(I don't have many pairs of shorts, in case you can't tell. *Sigh*)

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