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*Jumps Ling*

April 30th, 2003 Comments(3)

Happy 19th birthday, Ling!!! Hope you have a great one.

Funds Transfer

April 29th, 2003 Comments(11)

DBS has been sending me a letter for each fund transfer application I make (they didn't, previously). And I make a lot of applications and transactions. What a bloody waste of resources.

*Throws away yet another piece of paper and envelope*

Cessy Is Back!

April 28th, 2003 Comments(0)

Cessy is baaaaaaaaaack! With a pretty layout too. Why is it only temporary?!

Stupid Libraries

April 27th, 2003 Comments(14)

Hah! Well said. One of the most ridiculous policies is that students can't study in the library. Then where else can they study?

Cessy Has Gone Mad!

April 22nd, 2003 Comments(2)

Cessy posts some weird suicidal lyrics on her site as hiatus message, and now she says "I'm ok. You guys are so cute."


Work Casual

April 22nd, 2003 Comments(2)

It feels good to be able to wear jeans and flip flops to work. I hated dressing up like I'm one of the working class at the other job (that I still have to go for next month) when I'm only paid so little.

I'm still the jeans kinda girl. ;)

Spam Overload

April 20th, 2003 Comments(3)

Just to let you guys know, my address is no longer in use. Too much spam. Way too much. I just asked Lauren to delete the whole thing.

I Hate Smokers

April 20th, 2003 Comments(2)

Just got out of the shower at 1:36 AM because my hair reeks of the stench of cigarette smoke. Bloody hell. It's bad enough that my uncles smell like walking cigarette butts, they don't have to make me one too.

Digusting Dinner

April 17th, 2003 Comments(8)

I just had the most disgusting dinner ever last night. My grandmother served me horrible fatty portions of meat while my brother got all the lean meat. Dad reported that it was because she thought I was too skinny, as if piling buckets of rice on me is not enough.

My brother is lighter and taller than I am. I don't see him getting gross fatty pieces of meat. Ugh! I thought the rubbish chute needed some fattening, so I fed it my dinner.

IDD Calls

April 15th, 2003 Comments(9)

Bought another IDD card yesterday. S$0.09 per minute to call Malaysia, land line and mobile line. Song Jun is so jealous. :P

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