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No Camming

December 31st, 2003 Comments(4)

I haven't been in the mood to play with my webcam for really long. I decided to upload a really old photo of me with short hair anyway. Just for memory's sake. :P It'll be a long time before I'll have short hair again.

Schedule Released

December 30th, 2003 Comments(0)

This is absolute crap! Gah. Probably time to take matters into my own hands and reschedule my lectures around.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?

December 29th, 2003 Comments(0)

Your soul is bound to the Burning Rose: The Rapture.

"I go where my heart beckons me, and I go with my head high. But sometimes, I get a need until I bleed so my heart swims above my head."

The Burning Rose is associated with passion, intensity, and desire. It is governed by the god Eros and its sign is The Flame, or Physical Love. As a Burning Rose, you can get lost in the moment if you let yourself. You are a very physical person, be it in relationships, work, or play. You may be driven by your hormones sometimes, but you know it's because you have to follow your instinct.

And I Scream

December 29th, 2003 Comments(4)

For fuck's sake, people. Stop commenting that I change boyfriends fast. I do not change boyfriends like I change underwear. It does not help that the guys I've dated are horrible in every imaginable and unimaginable way.

For some statistics, 2 cheated on me and 1 seemed to be in love with his mother.

Protag Gift Exchange

December 29th, 2003 Comments(0)

Met the bunch of siao protaggers for a gift exchange. I got a VCD of Moulin Rouge from Moochs!

I could not stay for long though. Cos there was some kind of family dinner thingy that my family wanted my boy to be part of. (Talk about scary.)

Which Biological Molecule Are You?

December 26th, 2003 Comments(1)

You are glucose. People feed off of you.

You are sweet, caring, and a source of energy for everyone around you. You can inspire others with your creativity and depth, and you can keep people alive when in times of famine. People love you...or at least the way you taste.



December 26th, 2003 Comments(1)

While everyone was going on about how much food they had on Christmas, my own father denied me a meal at home and told me to have dinner out with my boy. *Wails* All that because he was too embarrassed with his own culinary skills.

Christmas Day

December 25th, 2003 Comments(5)

Merry Christmas, people!

My baby gave me an exquisite box of way too sinful chocolates. *Sighs* :) And my father and stepmother chomped on one of them. o.O

[edit] And thanks, Brenda and Daynah for your Christmas greetings! *Smoosh-snuggles you both*

Pickpockets Be Damned!

December 23rd, 2003 Comments(3)

Some cretin nicked my 2-month-old 6100! And I'm was so airheaded I did not back up any data. I'm all out of curses for the thieving scoundrel so please contribute some.

Right. Now tell me where I can get a new phone at the lowest possible price cos Singtel's prices are really putting me off, even with an upgrade of the line. I'll even settle for a slightly used phone.

Charity Fatigue

December 22nd, 2003 Comments(5)

I'm extremely sick of getting accosted by people trying to get a donation out of me everywhere I turn. I hate the fact that these organisations take advantage of students to solicit funds.

A group of boys practically begged me to buy a donation ticket today. And the cause? To help former drug addicts. I'm sorry if I'm such a cold-hearted bitch, but these addicts got themselves into that situation. They should get themselves out of it. Why of all the starving orphans out there would I help a former drug addict?

Sometimes I wonder if I donate out of sympathy for people trying to sell donation tickets or sympathy for those faceless people I'm supposed to help.

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