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Huge Hand

December 30th, 2002 Comments(5)

I chanced upon a review of my digicam and saw this picture. Geez. Hands like this make people have a false impression on the camera size. My cam does not appear that small in my hands! (Okay, I may have small hands... But still!)

What Kind Of Flirt Are You?

December 30th, 2002 Comments(0)

Ah, Satire

December 28th, 2002 Comments(1)

The Difference Between Malaysians And Singaporeans :: Funny. Song Jun and I leafed through it in the Popular bookstore yesterday. I liiiike it.


December 27th, 2002 Comments(13)

Had a hard time trying to find swimwear that's not of a ridiculous price. What the fuck is up with swimwear nowadays? Grrr. Well, I managed to find a reasonably priced bikini. My family has plans to hit the Malaysian beaches in about a month's time and I'm not about to squeeze with the New Year crowd just to get my stuff.

And So I Smooch...

December 27th, 2002 Comments(4)

I am absolutely livid. I do believe I haven't given anyone The Finger for ages. But enough is enough when I can't even gaze into my boyfriend's eyes without being called a sex maniac. For grapefruit's sake, the dude needs to get laid.

What Is Your Element?

December 26th, 2002 Comments(0)

You're thunder! You can be very loud but very quick. You probably like to talk on the phone, because you are VERY talkative.


Phlogger Christmas Quiz

December 26th, 2002 Comments(1)

I just got reminded of the Phlogger Christmas Quiz on Psyche's phlog. I was about to take it yesterday but Pei, Song Jun and I decided to make a dash for the hawker centre in the rain. And I forgot all about it. o.O


December 25th, 2002 Comments(5)

Went out with Song Jun and Pei and bumped into Song Jun's mom. Meepies. She stared at me. I'm positive she did.

Grinding On Christmas Eve

December 25th, 2002 Comments(0)

Daily Grind - 24.12.02 :: I didn't go out today cos of the weather. Boring day.

What Flavour Lipgloss Are You?

December 24th, 2002 Comments(0)

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