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Bad Piano Music

September 30th, 2002 Comments(2)

On lucky days, I get to school in time to hear beautiful piano music being played on the piano upstairs. These days, some idiot has been hogging the piano, trying to play Mariage D'Amour. Repeatedly. It just sounds bad.

Gotta admire her guts though. It's not easy to play for the whole school when you sound that bad. But then again, we didn't want to hear.

Two Minds, One Thought

September 30th, 2002 Comments(3)

Song Jun and I both took the survey. Wonder why we bothered. Heh. Cos our answers were the same. Blah. How boring and predictable. ;) I wonder why we even talk because he completes my sentences and I answer his questions before he asks them.

*Looks meaningfully at Su Ann* Yes, I know who you are. ;)

Questions, Answers 2

September 29th, 2002 Comments(1)

o My age?
Psyche: Turned sixteen on June 31st.
You got my birthday wrong! I will keeeeel you!

o Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you?
Psyche: Wait, let me dig up my chat logs...
Admit it. You don't remember.

o Would you say I am funny?
Psyche: Your wit was meant to impress, not to tickle.

Phlog Comments

September 29th, 2002 Comments(0)

My phlog (right there, Texted) now has a comments system! Cool, huh? I can't customise the comments page for the moment (there's no feature for that), but I love it already. :P Comments won't appear immediately though. Comment and leave it alone. It will appear eventually. :P

Advertising Gimmicks

September 29th, 2002 Comments(1)

Potato chips. Salsa Chilli Flavour. Now with free 15% more! - On a packet of potato chips.

It didn't say 15% more of what. I'm assuming they mean 15% more air. Because it does seem like it.

Blah, Parents

September 29th, 2002 Comments(5)

Song Jun got his modem confiscated yesterday by his Mother Dearest. Wonder when he'll get it back. *Sulks*

Dessert Quiz

September 29th, 2002 Comments(0)


Suicide Attempts

September 29th, 2002 Comments(3)

Note: Never, never, never leave Samantha alone with pregnant fishes because should they attempt to commit suicide, Samantha will not be around to even bother to look at them, much less save them.

Erm, yeah. A fish just jumped out of the water. And I didn't even know.

Unintelligible Insults

September 29th, 2002 Comments(0)

*Chuckles* People are so unoriginal nowadays. They can't even form proper insults anymore. Can't utter anything more intelligent than "Fuck your mother, fuck your father, fuck your dog, fuck your goldfish."

Limited vocabulary and intelligence, anyone? :P

Questions, Answers

September 28th, 2002 Comments(6)

A couple of people answered a survey about me. Here are some answers I found interesting and amusing:

o When you first saw me, what was your impression?
Tiffany: A little intimidating.
I had no idea I was that scary. :P

o Do I have any siblings?
Tiffany: No.
Funny how everyone thinks I'm an only child.

o Have you ever had a crush on me?
Tiffany: In your dreams. :) I meant that in a positive way. (Before that, she admitted through ICQ that she had a crush on me. :P)
Rah: Um, well... you could say so.
See? I'm so loveable.

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