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Which High School Stereotype Are You?

May 31st, 2002 Comments(1)




May 31st, 2002 Comments(0)

My brother is being exceptionally nice to me this morning. I wonder if he has any ulterior motives? Like bribing me into letting him use the PC when he's grounded? Heh.

Web Trends

May 31st, 2002 Comments(13)

What web trends have you followed? Those that I'm still following are Megabook, weblog, webcams, 88 x31 buttons, blinkies, owning a domain and 404 pages. I find nothing wrong with trends as long as they don't start getting annoying. After all, even owning a website is a trend.

People who go out of their way to be different are kinda silly. "Everyone has this so I'm not going to have it!!!" You'll end up with nothing. o.O I have to admit though, websites with no original content bug me.

Policy On School Holidays

May 30th, 2002 Comments(5)

Woo hoo! I'm glad someone spoke up.

Edit: Another article. "My daughter has to master spelling at a tender age of five." LMAO. Is a 5-year-old too young to spell?

Aren't You Jealous?

May 29th, 2002 Comments(2)


25% of me is filled with jealousy.

Lagging Computer

May 29th, 2002 Comments(1)

My computer has been lagging a lot these days. I couldn't stand it anymore and actually spent time scanning and defragmenting it. It needs a reformat badly, but the thought of reconfiguring everything, and re-tweaking the registry does not seem to appeal to me at all.

Whatever. My computer is a lot smoother and faster right now anyway.

Hammy Hamster

May 28th, 2002 Comments(2)

Daynah woman just gets better and better at drawing. The new design of her journal, Hammy Hamster is just so adorable. *Wonders how long she can stare at it*

It's just too damn cute. I may want to kill it after looking at it for too long. :P

How Worshipable Are You?

May 28th, 2002 Comments(4)


I am 67% worshipable! And you? Find out

Lack Of Sleep

May 28th, 2002 Comments(4)

I'm suffering from a severe lack of sleep right now, considering that I woke up from a 5 hour sleep yesterday and slept really little today. No naps. I just couldn't get to sleep. Anxiety? Maybe.

How was the O Level Chinese paper? It went well. I would never have known how utterly ridiculous and difficult my school papers are if I hadn't done this one. Whether or not I'll do well is another matter, but at least I knew how to do the paper. ;)

National Bird

May 27th, 2002 Comments(12)

OMG. This is getting funnier and funnier. Now we not only have a national flower and national everything else, we're going to have a national bird!!! *Dies laughing*

My two cents: Our national bird should be the crow, since there are so many in here.

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