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Hot Stuff

January 31st, 2002 Comments(0)


When you reach into the candy heart bag, there's no doubt you're coming up with a fire red heart that reads "Hot Stuff." It's not so much a label as it's your style ? turning heads, getting numbers and raising room temperatures a few degrees when you walk through the door.

You'd love someone who could match your flame-throwing ways, but so far, everyone just melts like wax when you turn on the heat. Oh well, your attitude, interests and saucy personality won't go to waste this Valentine's Day.

Got a romantic fireside dinner planned for you and your very own hottie? Better keep a hose nearby because sparks could start flying.

And if you're still on the prowl, waiting to find someone who can hold their own against your undeniable sense of romance and action, keep a close watch. They're sure to come around soon when they see your "Hot Stuff" coming their way.

Mmm... Candy hearts. :)

Sexual Appetite

January 31st, 2002 Comments(3)

FR Quiz

January 31st, 2002 Comments(0)

My Doc Marten

January 31st, 2002 Comments(2)

pshimmer.jpeg I'm the purple shimmer Doc Marten... I'm a little spunky, definitely fun, and I like believing in fantasy.

Which Doc Marten are you?

New Yummy Domains

January 31st, 2002 Comments(1)

Lele got her domain finally. is an uber cool name. :) And Cessy has migrated over to The domain name is simply yummy. I want an e-mail forwarder, Cessy. :)


January 31st, 2002 Comments(0)

Argh! Thanks to aikido, I now have a gigantic red bruise on each knee. >:O! I hate aikido, I hate aikido, I hate aikido. Oh, did I mention I hate aikido?


January 30th, 2002 Comments(0)

I wonder what's with the Malay and Tamil fetish of those who chance upon my weblog while searching for their nonsense. I seem to get an awful lot of weird queries.

1. Tamil fuck pictures
2. Naked Malay girls
3. Tamil boobs

Just to name a few. Oh, and to the one who wants to know how boobs look like, I'll suggest you look at your own.

Blogging Monster

January 30th, 2002 Comments(3)

Lele is right. Neither Tiffany nor I come close to blogging 30 entries a day. ;) I think the most I've managed was 12. Nominations for the new Blogging Monster should be directed here. Though who can beat Pei?

Final Fantasy VIII

January 30th, 2002 Comments(1)

edea.gifYou are Edea! Selfless and strong-willed, you have the ability to do a lot of good. Luckily for the world, that's usually your intention. If you were ever corrupted by evil, we would all be in serious trouble. On top of all that, you're pretty sexy.

Which Final Fantasy 8 character are you?


January 29th, 2002 Comments(0)

You are Aphrodite.

Yes, indeedy, the patron Goddess of love, beauty and prostitutes is your "inner Goddess". Though some people might think you're a ditz, you have more depth than anyone knows, not to mention the power you wield in your self-comfort.

o.O Oh well. I didn't put up the image because it was rather icky. But which greek goddess are you?

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