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Posting Monster On Leave

December 30th, 2001 Comments(9)

As much as I want to post, I simply can't fit it in my schedule right now. School's starting so I'm going out a whole lot. I don't even have time for my poor journal. I will post when I have the time. Meanwhile, the others can rejoice and attempt to overthrow me.

Can You Spell?

December 29th, 2001 Comments(2)

Take this stupid spelling test and let it tell you if you can spell. Sheesh. A good lot of questions have both options correct. "Accidentally" and "accidently" for example. So I went by trial and error. Hmm... 4 wrong. Out of 50. Not bad. :)

Nothing Stays Forever

December 29th, 2001 Comments(4)

My favourite pair of earrings just fell apart. True, it's cheap stuff! But I can never find the same pair again!!! I liked it so much too. :'( Now I'm wearing mismatching ear studs because I feel like it. =/

Lame Advertisements

December 28th, 2001 Comments(8)

Hi, i juz made my personal webpage so i'm gg ard to sign ppl's guestbook. Do drop by and take a look. =)

Fuck these lamers. I already said on the form page that I do not appreciate advertisements. *Deletes entry*

[edit]The dude e-mailed me back and apologised humbly. Nice guy. :)


December 27th, 2001 Comments(4)

Thanks to the people in #protagonist, my member title at Hyphens Board is now The Jailbait.

(Ash) definition of jailbait: Cute, flirty, girl under the age of state requirements for consentual sex.
(Ash) you fit all three categories to a T

*Bats eyelashes* :P (Riiight, I hardly have eyelashes. Heh.)


December 27th, 2001 Comments(0)

I wasted my beautiful Thursday morning in school, seated outside the theatrette with my Biology textbook opened on my lap. Couldn't help but think of how lovely it would be to be snugly under the covers, snoozing to my heart's content.

The rain falling upon the Japanese garden and the cool breeze was certainly a refreshing change from the ever humid weather. Who would have wanted to be in the Biology lab wearing their poor minds down?

Thursday. 27th. He has been haunting my thoughts ever since I bumped into him yet again, this time at a mall. I simply cannot comprehend how, after more than a year, he still possesses the power to enrapture me.

Perhaps it has something to do with first love. Perhaps I'm just foolish. Perhaps he just has the unutterable boyish charm. Perhaps it's a silly crush.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it's merely the auburn hair.

Fork You

December 27th, 2001 Comments(0)

The cam image of has finally been changed. I decided to feature Psyche because she cracked me up with that image. :)

Rainy Days

December 27th, 2001 Comments(3)

Everyone seems to hate the weather today. Am I the only one who loves the cool weather? Perfect weather to snuggle under the covers and snooze away. :)

2001 Awards

December 27th, 2001 Comments(0)

Dear Golden Web Award Winner:

All of us at the International Association of Web Masters and Designers wanted to take a brief moment to wish you and yours the Happiest of Holidays and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!

Having been the world's leading Web Site Awards for the last 4 years, we receive literally hundreds of thousands of submissions, and, although everyone can not win, we are pleased to have your website listed amoungst the recognized winners of the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.

As we change gears and prepare for the New "2002 - 2003" Awards, we need to make room for the new and wanted to give you this last opportunity to purchase any Plagues, Certificates and/or Trophies to show off your 2001-2002 award and proudly display for your customers, staff, friends and family.

Am I the only one getting irritated by this? Fuck, I keep getting spammed by this e-mail just because I won one of their stupid awards. And I didn't even apply for it. Yes, I took the free graphic and put it up. That doesn't mean I want to buy their stupid stuff!

I don't see how their awards can be so prestigious, they're allowed to spam us.

Lele Turns Grey

December 26th, 2001 Comments(1)

Lele has new layouts over at her weblog and also her journal. I like how she can make her layouts look nice without much usage of graphics. :) Good job, woman!

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