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Childhood Reminiscence

March 15th, 2001 Comments(0)

Wearing the clothes I had just gotten from my aunt, I inhale the scent from her cupboard where the clothes were stored. That scent is a mixture of the wood and something I can't describe. It smells familiar. It smells like home.

Unfathomable Beauty

March 08th, 2001 Comments(0)

8 AM. The rain drizzled down softly upon my world, showering it with the beauty I've waited for so long to witness. It landed gently on my wind-blown hair, the cool sensation on my skin refreshing. The breeze whispered in my ear, humming a melody so foreign, yet so soothing and familiar.

Eternal Flame

March 01st, 2001 Comments(0)

I looked at the flame burning a beautiful fiery orange. It dances a dance of its own. It hears the music no one hears. It possesses a rhythm and style no one can fathom.