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The Beauty Brains

November 25th, 2007 Comments(2)

The Beauty Brains is a wonderful read for anyone remotely concerned about what they're slathering on their own bodies. I can't say I agree with everything that's on that site, but it does teach you how to be a more discerning consumer. It also busts some serious myths as well as unscrupulous marketing. I'm familiar with angel dusting, even though I didn't know this marketing gimmick had a name. No, sodium lauryl sulfate doesn't give you cancer. No, mineral oil doesn't clog your pores. No, 'natural' products aren't necessarily better for your skin, and chemicals aren't synonymous with toxicity. (If I wanted natural products, I would make them in my own kitchen.)

Of course, if you have loads of money to throw around, and you feel good using gimmicky products that promise you the moon and some clouds, and Chang'e as a gift-with-purchase, by all means do so. A large part of the consumer experience is really more psychological than anything else. Alternatively, you could always donate the extra to poor ol' reverie and she'll convince you that the $7.90 moisturiser works as well as that $200 one (and that you don't need Chang'e to upstage you).

Pink For October

October 01st, 2007 Comments(9)

Soliloquy has turned pink for October for breast cancer awareness month. This layout is starting to grow on me. Don't see it? Click here. No promise of intact eyesight if you're using Internet Explorer 6. Why are you still using that crap? Upgrade or turn to Firefox already.

Reverie prays that better technology than mammograms will be discovered before she turns 40. 19 years should be enough time.

Cheap Ink

August 25th, 2007 Comments(0)

I was tempted to get a new printer from Comex because, as you may have read, Brother printers may possibly be the largest pieces of shit to ever grace this Earth. But it was just too much hassle, and so I decided that I should simply not buy their ink and go completely 3rd-party. I replaced the black ink previously with the original cartridge. It cost $30ish. As far as I'm concerned, that is $30ish too much.

And so is the answer to my prayers. Not only do I not have to shift my ass at all to get new ink, it cost less to refill all the cartridges than it did for me to get an original black cartridge. Looove. For such a brilliant business model, they get a free plug!

More on the Odex Issue

August 20th, 2007 Comments(0)

A good read. It's so hard to find local bloggers who can string a couple of words together without sounding like they've never been through primary school. Having someone who can put together a coherent entry in a clear and concise manner... Wow.


May 15th, 2007 Comments(0)

This person is so crazily talented, everything looks so tempting on the site! I'm tempted to try out all the recipes there, which means my Dad will hit the roof when he gets the electricity bill.

Self-Professed YouTube Addict

May 10th, 2007 Comments(2)

Their fanatical deleting of anime and sitcoms aside, YouTube just got better. My main gripe about YouTube previously is that the full-screen feature just sucks. And now they've fixed it! What would I do without YouTube?

Check out my growing collection of cool commercials. :) When it comes to commercials, no one beats the Thais!

May 10th, 2007 Comments(1) is such an awesome site. And this celebrity tombstone has got to be the best entry ever!

I would so get that done if I were Steve Jobs.

Such A Nice Song

May 08th, 2007 Comments(0)

I'm in love with this video someone in YouTube edited. It looks just like a real music video.

A Better Blog

August 29th, 2005 Comments(3)

I'm sick of reading attention-seeking blogs. Bloggers picking at each other like vultures, or revealing more and more skin, sometimes even both.

I like this blog, so refreshing, so powerfully evocative. And unutterably sad.

All About Bread

November 01st, 2004 Comments(2)

Yakitate!! Japan - Watch it, read it. Who knew it could be so good? :P I'm totally addicted.

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