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Disgusting People on Public Transport

November 22nd, 2009 Comments(2)

People ought to be ashamed of themselves, pretending to be asleep when someone who needs a seat gets on the train. A little girl brought them all to shame yesterday. When she saw my brother hobbling on with his crutch, she hopped on her father's lap, and offered her recently-vacated seat to my brother. What a sweet little girl.

Reverie @ Work

September 29th, 2009 Comments(7)

I've probably flown more miles just coming to Batesville, Indiana (Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Chicago -> Cincinnati) than I've ever flown before in my entire life. The flying was awfully boring. I just slept all the way. The layover at Frankfurt was 5 freaking hours at like 5AM in the morning. Talk about misery. And the flight from Frankfurt was full of vacationeers with kiddos who would not stop screaming.

Clearing the US customs was horrid. Seriously, who died and gave them permission to be so mean and snooty? I'm here on business. I'm not a criminal. And for grapefruit's sake, DO NOT comment on my choice of underwear!

And oh, United Airlines misplaced my luggage in a mere 2-hour flight. How freaking amazing is that? I was up every hour last night, harrassing their call centre in Philippines. I only got my luggage at 5am today. I was half afraid I would have to turn up for work in jeans and sneakers.

My first day of work was awesome. So I got really, really sleepy when it was approaching 2PM, but it wasn't too bad. The people here are absolutely wonderful and it was lots of fun. Though I should probably lay off the beer till the weekend. I hope I don't have too much trouble getting up tomorrow.

My totally awesome bed for the week. Big, soft and fluffy with loads of pillows. All mine!

The area in front of the mirror, with all my makeup and stuff.

The TV kept switching on by itself. Absolutely annoying.

Yay! 3-panel mirror!

Bathtub. Should try a bubble bath some time. My nose runs faster than the shower.

Reading area (so I call it, even though there's no time to read) with my luggage resting safe and sound beside it. I missed it so much, seeing as I had to sleep in my jeans last night.

Fiddling With The Phone

September 12th, 2009 Comments(4)

I nearly thought I bricked my phone last night trying to flash it to the European firmware. It was blank and wouldn't switch on or reset. Until I realised that it was still hot after half an hour, so I took out the battery and flashed it again. It didn't help that the guide was pretty awful, with wrong instructions and huge gaping information gaps that a noob like me couldn't fill the first time around. (Not that I'm not grateful that someone actually took the time to do this, but it could've been done better.)

The European firmware was so not worth my time. Not a lot of improvements, and it had a lot of formatting I wasn't used to. Flashed back to an update of the Asian firmware (which, btw, isn't even available via the Samsung's PC Studio, the eejits). So I got my Chinese language back and some bug fixes. Yay!

I still want an Android phone. Where's the Samsung Galaxy? The lite version is already leaked all over the Net in its revolting lime green glory.

Gross. What is that monstrosity? No lite version for me if that's what it looks like. I want the Samsung Galaxy to be in Singapore now!

New Stuff... And Stuff

September 07th, 2009 Comments(3)

All my protected entries are unviewable because I upgraded WordPress and finally had to let go of Disclose-Secret. :'( Blame this guy. He was freaking me out about security attacks and whatnot.

The existing plugins that are supported by this current version of WP pretty much suck so I can't yet be arsed to reassign permissions to the 200ish(!) protected entries. If you have access permissions, you can still view new locked entries (if I post any).

Hoo boy, it's been so long (has it been years?) since I've upgraded WordPress. I've quite forgotten what a pain in the ass it can be.

Oh yes, new layout cos I know you're totally sick of the previous one. :)

On Customer Loyalty

March 26th, 2009 Comments(1)

I'm an exceptionally loyal customer. I love clean honest brands that deliver what they promise, and don't claim to do more than they can. I love sincere customer service, and recognise superior skills.

I buy the same products again and again for years if they work for me. Every month, I go to Kevin to get my hair cut, and Esther to get my brows trimmed. They do so quietly, without any attempt to hardsell anything.

In turn, I'm an impressive customer advocate. I wax lyrical about products and services I love, give glowing reviews, and convince people to try them.

I also work the other way. If I receive exceptionally bad service, I write in feedback. I expect something to be done. That's when I learned that single-cell organisms are being put in front of computers to make up banks.

Picture ME... Horrid

September 14th, 2008 Comments(4)

"Apply for Citi Clear Card online and get Corporate Photo Shoot worth $88 from picture ME," Citibank says. "Corporate suits and make-up provided."

So Melissa called and made us an appointment at 7:45PM yesterday, and the receptionist instructed us to wear only light makeup. Thinking that they were doing our makeup as stipulated in their ad, I went practically bare-faced.

We waited more than half an hour even though an appointment was made. (What did you expect? It's free.) Some ah lian who looked neither like a makeup artist nor a photographer asked us if we wanted to take the photo in the clothes we showed up with. I expressed incredulity and asked if they didn't specify that corporate suits are provided. Without batting an eyelid, she said they only provide the jacket. (What did you expect? It's free.)

So jacket it is. I took it. Said ah lian then informed us that the only makeup provided would be foundation, eyeshadow, and lipgloss. No blush, no eyeliner, no mascara, no pencilling in your brows. You call that providing makeup? (What did you expect? It's free.)

I made a decision I regretted. Instead of telling her I'd do my own makeup, I allowed her to it, thinking it would at least be decent in the hands of a professional. She brushed on some MAC powder with a brush that looked liked it hadn't been washed in eons and smelled likewise. (What did you expect? It's free.) Then she slapped on eyeshadow without blending. In green and brown. Matte. The colourblind should not be makeup artists. That's what I say. (What did you expect? It's free.) She then applied lipgloss on me, which at least looked like a decent colour, which is more than I can say for Melissa's. She thinks they made her look ancient. (What did you expect? It's free.)

I opened my eyes and to my horror discovered that my dark undereye circles are very much still there. (What did you expect? It's free.) So I asked if the photo is going to be retouched. The answer was a resounding "no". Unless we top up $18, that is. (What did you expect? It's free.) Fine, I touched up my makeup real quick but still had no visible eyelashes to speak of. I was peeved.

Ah lian makeup-artist-turned-photographer picked up the camera, and asked if I wanted to change the blue backdrop to a colour of my choice for a small sum of $18. I declined. She shot. Ah lian asked again if we wanted to top up for retouching. Seriously? After all that? Thanks but no thanks. We picked out our most un-hideous photo, collected them, and vowed never to return for whatever occasion ever again. If that was worth $88, I say do your own hair and makeup, bring your jacket to the nearest Kodak shop or whatever, and pay $6 for the auntie to shoot your face. Save the rest of your money and yourself from the assault on your face.

"What did you expect? It's free," is what everyone's telling me. Which I do not understand at all. This promotion is clearly a marketing effort to increase brand awareness and recall. Done right, it would've generated lots of positive word-of-mouth and repeat customers. Why they would offer this large-scale promotion and then turn around and ruin the fantastic opportunity of securing returning customers and more business is beyond me. It certainly costs them a lot of money to run this promotion. It just doesn't make business sense. At all. It would've been better not to offer a promotion as such if they are doing it so grudgingly.

Go to picture ME for another shoot, free or otherwise? I'd sooner stab myself.

A Totally Bimbotic Entry

September 09th, 2008 Comments(1)

Guess who got so unlucky, she actually got nail infection? 72 buckaroos for a week's supply of antibiotics (28 tablets), which I have to swallow for 1 week each month, for a grand total of 3 months. That's over 200 bucks. Ouch.

So SheWhoBrewsPotions sent me a sample of neem oil which was enticingly labelled "Smelly Neem Oil" to help hasten my recovery. It smells and looks like oyster sauce even though Jess denied sending me oyster sauce so my feet will smell like I have stepped in Chinese leftovers.

She also gave me a Pink Cake lip balm from My Lip Stuff. Whee!

I also ordered this Korean eyelash adhesive from Girllashes called Darkness for $10.50.

It is absolutely not dark, unlike what the name implies, but a curious shiny bluish colour that I've only seen in Korean lash adhesives. I bought it following the demise of my Sherani surgical adhesive, which clumped and curdled after I forgot to cap it. It totally kicks Sherani's ass. I loved Sherani because it is waterproof. But Darkness is all that Sherani is and more. <3

Right. Why am I waxing lyrical over an eyelash adhesive? Next package!

More brushes from Coastal Scents! I love the stippling brush I got previously so much that I've ordered another to apply my lovely MAC blush with.

I also got a lip brush which barely lived up to my expectations.

And I reordered the synthetic fine eyeliner brush as well, because I discovered that it's completely fab as a concealer brush. It's so precise! <3

Freshkon was totally giving out free pairs of their Alluring Eyes (or whatever it's called) lenses, so I got them in Mist Brown. Nobody could tell I was wearing lenses though. I endured the dryness and discomfort for nothing! I am so junking them.


August 12th, 2008 Comments(1)

Yes I know it's 5:38AM. I just can't sleep.

It's nowhere near the end of the year, but can 2008 get any worse? News of deaths of people I know keep reaching me. One of the many a dear friend, and recently, my grandfather. And so, I spent my birthday at my grandfather's funeral, pissed off at some of my relatives and cousins, who were clearly there only because they had to be. Smokey eyes and an ugly, dressy shirt with ruffles, hello? Showing off your bloody Nissan Latio like it's some Porsche at a funeral, hello?! Jess said that wakes bring out the ugliness in people. Word.

At least I have fond memories of that stubborn old man.

Sometime this year, I managed to get together with one of the most amazing plonkers ever. How unbelievably credulous was I to actually believe he was any different from the many men I have crossed paths with? Oh wait, he was special. The only one who ever managed to ruin my already miserable birthday by sending a dozen (preordered, no doubt) red roses to my doorstep when the last thing I needed was to be reminded of him.

Jess, bless her soul, was livid at said plonker. Perhaps even more so than I was. Feng shui master was consulted. Though I don't need one to know that I have no luck in relationships. Certainly I have no lack of suitors, some overzealous. (Fact. Absolutely nothing to be proud of. I prefer quality over quantity. But it's the quantity I end up with.) But even as I am consciously trying to make the right choices (mind over heart, reason over passion), I always, always make the wrong ones.

Or maybe it's a good thing not to be stuck with the same man for decades, only to end up being traded in for a newer model after acquiring stretchmarks, varicose veins, and saggy breasts giving birth to his bad genes.

Next one up in line: Try hard - try bloody hard. And even then, I may not believe you. Ever. Totally not my fault. Blame your predesscors.

Hello There

June 24th, 2008 Comments(2)

I'm still alive, and very very broke. Psst anyone (who knows me) want to order products from The Regimen? I am organising a mini-spree. :D

Meanwhile, something to keep you entertained:


May 23rd, 2008 Comments(2)

Been spending time trying to find a temporary job for the school vacation till August and haven't been successful. :( Some dumbass companies seriously think that people with 1-2 years of experience in related fields will just magically appear and volunteer to temp for them for 3-6 months. For cheap.

I give up. My agent wakes me up with phone calls daily (it's the fuqn hols, can't a girl get some beauty sleep?) and I'm leaving my job search in his hands.

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