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"Wanna meet up for coffee?"

August 25th, 2008 Comments(0)

Jess: Tell him to drown himself inside the mountain of coffee beans.


August 12th, 2008 Comments(1)

Yes I know it's 5:38AM. I just can't sleep.

It's nowhere near the end of the year, but can 2008 get any worse? News of deaths of people I know keep reaching me. One of the many a dear friend, and recently, my grandfather. And so, I spent my birthday at my grandfather's funeral, pissed off at some of my relatives and cousins, who were clearly there only because they had to be. Smokey eyes and an ugly, dressy shirt with ruffles, hello? Showing off your bloody Nissan Latio like it's some Porsche at a funeral, hello?! Jess said that wakes bring out the ugliness in people. Word.

At least I have fond memories of that stubborn old man.

Sometime this year, I managed to get together with one of the most amazing plonkers ever. How unbelievably credulous was I to actually believe he was any different from the many men I have crossed paths with? Oh wait, he was special. The only one who ever managed to ruin my already miserable birthday by sending a dozen (preordered, no doubt) red roses to my doorstep when the last thing I needed was to be reminded of him.

Jess, bless her soul, was livid at said plonker. Perhaps even more so than I was. Feng shui master was consulted. Though I don't need one to know that I have no luck in relationships. Certainly I have no lack of suitors, some overzealous. (Fact. Absolutely nothing to be proud of. I prefer quality over quantity. But it's the quantity I end up with.) But even as I am consciously trying to make the right choices (mind over heart, reason over passion), I always, always make the wrong ones.

Or maybe it's a good thing not to be stuck with the same man for decades, only to end up being traded in for a newer model after acquiring stretchmarks, varicose veins, and saggy breasts giving birth to his bad genes.

Next one up in line: Try hard - try bloody hard. And even then, I may not believe you. Ever. Totally not my fault. Blame your predesscors.

CNY Updates

February 13th, 2008 Comments(0)

My Chinese New Year was okay. Boring, actually. Cut down on the usual visiting because my Grandma said so. Went to my Dad's class gathering on the 3rd day and got comments like, "Whose daughter is this?!" because I'm like at least 10 years older than all his ex-classmates' kiddos.

Watched Ah Long Pte Ltd too. It's not that great. Just Follow Law was a lot better (and that's not saying much). Babes, you should totally watch it for this delectable creature called Daniel Tan:

Isn't he yummy? Guys, give it a miss. Unless, of course, you like men.

[edit] Quote of the day:

Pei says (9:39 AM):
he is so cute
Pei says (9:39 AM):
sooooooo cute

Careening Towards Spinsterhood

January 18th, 2008 Comments(2)

I woke up to 10 e-mails from this morning. And I thought someone was playing a prank on me by signing me up to a freaking matchmaking site so I was completely livid. I'm enjoying my current stalker-free status right now, thank you very much.

Well, I logged in with the password that was sent to me and found out that it costs over 50 USD to have your pathetic single status advertised to the ugly mouldy oldies in the site. Nobody would spend that to play a prank on me. Besides, that profile isn't mine. Either the woman is retarded, or she entered the wrong address. Which did not bother to verify.


My Barren Love Life

February 16th, 2006 Comments(13)

I know I haven't had a boyfriend in eons and all, but I really need to stop snogging platonic guy friends in my dreams!

It is starting to get very annoying each time I wake up.

The One

June 22nd, 2005 Comments(2)

My friends are convinced I met The One today.

“喂!帮挤辣椒!(Help me squeeze some chilli sauce)”, I told my friend, after I bought my lunch.

The dude behind me picked up the bottle, and asked, "Chilli?", and then proceeded to load the sauce on my plate.

"Enough?", he asks.

And by then I was too embarrassed do much besides thank him and give a sheepish smile.

We spotted him later, eating his lunch and reading at the same time, reverie-style.


What's A Girl To Do?

November 21st, 2004 Comments(3)

It's happening again. My family keeps asking every bloody time about my non-existent boyfriend. *Screams* I don't have one, don't have one! What's so bad about that? >:O

My computer is better anyway.

I Still Have My Charm

November 02nd, 2004 Comments(2)

Was told today that some 28-year-old chap's been eyeing me in the office, deliberately walking by Trade Services to see me. Too bad he isn't LustAtFirstSight. No wait, LustAtFirstSight is married. Gah!

I... Should... Not... Like... Married... Men...